STOP Feeding the Fat Green Pigs

In the era before coal, oil and electricity, the environment suffered greatly. Whales were slaughtered for lamp oil; forests were cleared for firewood…

STOP Feeding the Fat Green Pigs
Published by the Saltbush Club

In the era before coal, oil and electricity, the environment suffered greatly.

Whales were slaughtered for lamp oil; forests were cleared for firewood, mine props, building materials, roofing shingles and sailing masts; London (“The Big Smoke”) and Pittsburgh (“The Smoky City”) were smothered in smog from open fires, charcoal kilns and iron smelters; horses powered public and military transport and city streets were layered with horse manure.



Then came the hydro-carbon revolution.

Kerosene lamps saved the whales and coal-powered steam engines delivered electricity (clean-coal-by-wire) to the cities. Much of the sulphurous smogs disappeared. Coke from coal replaced wood charcoal to make iron and steel. Steel and concrete saved the forests and trucks and railways allowed the farmland which once fed millions of horses, mules and oxen to produce food for humans.

Not one of these boons for humans AND the environment was driven by a UN resolution, invented by a government committee or funded by statutory levies on consumers, or subsidies from taxpayers. None were mandated in a government energy plan.

The anti-human, anti-industry policies of the Global Greens are now reversing all that progress.

A key event occurred in 2006 when a leading left-wing politician, Al Gore, invented the Global Warming Industry. Despite a finding by a British High Court that his movie “The Inconvenient Truth” contained nine key scientific errors, it is still shown in schools. This has misled students and teachers and created spreading circles of damage to jobs, industry and the cost and reliability of electricity. It also created fake industries based on energy adventurism, UN talk-fests, climate hysteria and green activism.

The Green Piglets were born, and the environment and the economy suffered.

Land that once fed horses is now used to produce biodiesel and ethanol for cars, so food prices must go up. Forests are felled to burn in green power stations and for green-tick buildings while grasslands are invaded by feral pests, woody weeds and bushfires from the ever-growing parks and Kyoto Protocol Forests. Birds and bats are being sliced by wind turbines, flatlands are being smothered by solar panels, access roads and transmission lines. But electricity costs soar, supply is rationed while reliability crashes.

Behind every one of these modern maladies are troughs of Big Green Pigs getting fat on market mandates, subsidies from consumers or tax payers, and special tax treatments.

In the background, governments fund an academic/media industry promoting climate alarmism, energy rationing and intermittent energy. Electric cars and penny farthings were pushed off the roads by Henry Ford’s petrol engines, but politicians are trying to put them back – a Tesla for the rich and a bicycle for the poor. Consumers and industry don’t count and taxpayers are there to be milked. In this Greentopia no one needs miners, farmers or fishermen. All are lost for a fake global warming Emergency.

Objectors are told:
“We must obey the UN Agenda”.
(Sacrifices are necessary to keep the Green Pigs Fat.)

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Just this week 225 members in the EU parliament (one third of members) voted AGAINST the motion (supported by Greta Thunberg) to declare a Climate Emergency.

And please help to spread the message of Clintel:
“There is No Climate Emergency”:

Thanks to Viv Forbes for this article and to Steve Hunter this cartoon

23 thoughts on “STOP Feeding the Fat Green Pigs”

  1. But there IS a climate emergency! Driven by the sun, not CO2. If the deniers win the day, are we going to then turn around and try to tell people, yes there is an emergency?

    We ought to be agreeing with the emergency, at the same time telling people that the fat cats are lying about what it is. At this point, people are beginning to see for themselves that something is wrong with the climate.

    Telling people that nothing is wrong with the climate is a very bad move right now.

    • Calm down. Everything is going to be okay. UN is going to take care of you.

      The UN’s COP25 environmental summit will be held in Madrid from December 2-13.

      In a statement, Pelosi stated that “It is a privilege to accompany a high-level Congressional delegation to Spain to combat the existential threat of our time: the climate crisis.”

      The delegation includes Pelosi and 14 other lawmakers.

      • According to an Aljazeera caption, world leaders at COP in Spain warn that the point of no return for climate change is approaching fast!

  2. Every now and then at some financial websites someone trots out the saying that bulls make money and bears make money and pigs get slaughtered.
    What do you suppose the fate of those green pigs will be considering what happens during the progress of social or dynastic cycles which also tend to coincide with mini ice ages like the one we are in?

  3. A bit beyond 120 years ago horses were used by all delivery men and businesses. The manure might be good as fertiliser but it got squelched down by further traffic and was an even worse slurry when it rained. A next passing cart will only get its wheels chucking up and spraying passers by with filth which is a health hazard worse than polio and measles which soon, vaccines were developed for.
    Horse manure splat in your face is not funny. I would just be sick. Keep the cars please.

      • I believe you will now see skyscrapers in place of the stables so that green new deal of AOC sounds odd. Unless of course she wants to blow down the skyscrapers in controlled demolitions and put the stables back.
        FTR the pubs and churches seem to be vanishing in Britain and being replaced by Mosques so stranger things have happened.

    • Good point there. Years ago when I worked as an environmental planner I had to figure out how much manure would be generated by having a particular place zoned to allow horses. I got the info from the county’s engineering dept that handled solid waste that on average one horse produces 50 lbs of poop per day. Which seems reasonable… I once had a horse and my parents required me to haul the poop over to a place they wanted to compost it and it seemed to take me all day.

      Of course in a field or pasture not so bad as in a city or town street. Cow’s poop a lot too, but at least you don’t have people planning to ride them around town.

  4. I must say I find it odd to say the least all this crazy stuff about cow farts. Do cows fart and pigs do not? ?? Either way I will miss watching farm animals in the field if this wretched green new deal isn’t aborted. Feeling not good.

  5. Excellent article! What a grand perspective.
    Now I have Salt Bush club to add to my favorites along with IAN.
    I have to agree, the shrillness of the “Fat Green Pigs” message demonstrates their despair.

  6. if these green protestors can be clearly identified they I hope will be the first ones to be told NO COAL POWERED power for your house, make do with wood fired heating, and see how they like that. in Australia re-newable power is 4% of our supply. somebody work out how many minutes that would be every 24 hours. Take away their dirty oil powered cars, by refusing to re-register the four wheeled monster, and mark their airline files, no ticket to be issued, exactly what they have been protesting for, let them have a taste of their own reality.

    • No wood heat for the greenies either. They would deny others relief from the cold therefore let them suffer from the consequences of their own dictates.

  7. @Deb
    There is no climate emergency.
    The climate will do whatever it will do and there is not thing one we can do about it.
    Empowering the government to deal with a cooling planet is just as worthless as empowering them to deal with a warming planet.
    It is only the energy and motivation of the individual that can make a difference.
    Empowering the individual is what the dissemination of knowledge is all about.
    Web sites like this and many others are doing that. Better than any government sponsored propaganda machine ever could.
    Those that are willing to look at it rationally will thrive. Those that aren’t, won’t, government propaganda or not.

  8. I agree, Deb. Someone would have to be blind not to see that something is wrong. I lived in Colorado for seven years and the winters both in Pueblo and Cañon CCCity, the inters were chilly, but not a lot of snow. In fact while areas south of Pueblo would get significant amounts of snow, but in Pueblo and Fremont County, the snowfall was light to none. I understand the snowfall is significant this year. so I would be crazy to say nothing has changed.

    The extensive flooding last spring should have been a wake-up call to everyone. Yes, that area has suffered floods before, but I don’t remember anything on that scale before and I’m now 66.

    I know the global warming proponents say that Europe would not be greatly affected, but all I can say is, ask the Cro-Magnons and Neanderthals what happened during the Ice ages. Ask people who died of illness and starvation during the Little Ice Ages. I do know that the Gulf Stream keeps the British Isles and much of Europe from winter cold such as that in the upper latitudes of North America. If the Gulf Stream stops (it’s already known to be slowing down), contrary to what the global waming proponents claim, I believe that it will go very hard with the British Isles and other parts of Europe that are still temperate. The ice has come before and it will again. History, along with numerous ice cores tells us is that.I found this, and although the article is 4 years old, I think it’s relevant.

    Anyone who says that the British Isles and Northern Europe would not be very adversely affected if the Gulf Stream fails as it has many times before is an idiot.

    I just don’t believe in anthropogenic global warming. Mankind is insignificant compared to nature. It is the height of arrogance to think that we can overcome the long cycle of glaciations and interglacials.

    • You are quite correct…it was taught in high school and college science classes (years ago now) that one of the many precursors of ice ages was the slow down of the ocean currents bringing warm waters to the north and easterly to Europe. in fact it was long thought that the breaking of an ice dam on the St. Lawrence put so much fresh water into the north Atlantic that it stopped the circulation. AND Europe did freeze! The blessing to human kind was that the tectonic plates has placed the land masses to allow this circulation pattern.
      It is not taught that it occures every so often that all the precursors line up so that our climate changes so that we have either a steamy swamp or a ball of ice.

    • You make some interesting points re: Europe. One thing to consider – a lot of the old fairy tales were about wolves, especially in France. My understanding is the cold weather contributed to that and wolves were a serious threat, which is why they show up in most of those old fairy tales.

      I cannot imagine a “woke”, skinny jeans wearing idiot “hipster” warding off a pack of wolves… what, throw a hot coffee from Starbucks at em? Or hide in a “safe space” (isn’t that what the 3 Little Pigs tried to do and failed?). Throw a cell phone at ’em???

  9. John 1st- No, we cannot do anything to CHANGE the climate, but we can and should be doing a great deal to prepare people to deal with our changing climate.

    And the first thing we must do is to tell them the truth, especially since the govt and the media are outright lying to them. To say that there is no climate emergency is a LIE!

    A Grand Solar Minimum, and the prospect of a mini ice age or a full blown one IS a climate emergency, and if we don’t get these Green Parasites off our backs and adapt our food and energy systems to changing conditions, even those of us who know the truth will be dragged down with the majority.

    We are too interdependent to be complacent because we have some survival skills or food stored. If the hospitals go down, who’s going to treat your cancer? No gas-do you know how to keep a horse alive and persuade it to carry you and your stuff? Can you manufacture the tack you’ll need? If 3/4 of the people die of bubonic plague, how much knowledge dies with them?

    We need to keep as many people and as much infrastructure intact as possible. It’s not just a chance of falling back to pre-industrial revolution days. How many of us know where and how to mine iron ore and then turn it into a knife blade?

    Even that moron across the street who believes in global warming may have some crucial piece of information that would help us restructure a society that is somewhat more advanced than the stone age.

    The more people who are told the truth and empowered to prepare for it, the better off we will all be.

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