Stop ignoring the summer of 1936!

During 1936, 117F temperatures were common from Texas to North Dakota.

South Dakota was over 120F. North Dakota was over 119F. Nebraska was 118F. Iowa was 117F. Missouri was 118F. Oklahoma was 120F. Texas was 119F. Arkansas was 117F.

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13 thoughts on “Stop ignoring the summer of 1936!”

  1. Yeah, but that was “just weather”. What we have now is AGW. Haven’t you seen the latest Chicken Little pronouncements from the “scientists”?

  2. Not only that, during the 80s it was a common occurence to have 100 degree temperatures during the summer in Minnesota.

  3. It is worse than we thought – now our CO2 emissions are traveling back in time and heating the Earth! What else but our CO2 emissions could cause those high temps?

  4. It doesn’t fit the alarmists’ narrative. They ignore facts that prove their ignorance, such as totally ignoring volcanic activity and the influence such has on Earth’s climate.

  5. I was born in Oct 1936 in Northeastern Oklahoma. My mother always told me that summer was so hot and dry all the trees lost their leaves.

  6. Still doesnt change the fact that big corporations are ruining our planet, amazon rainforest, Canada oil in Alberta, the list goes on…

  7. The highest temperature recorded in Ireland, around 33C, was 130 years ago. They weren’t screaming ‘global warming’ then.

  8. The highest day temp. record for Europe was 48C in Athens in July 1977, according to a recent Aljazeera-TV caption. Expecting a new record which didn’t materialize. Global warming of 1977-1998 was not exactly un-precedented.

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