Storms are nature’s ‘wrath’ against Trump? – Video

Jennifer Lawrence, star of the horror film  “Mother!” suggests storms are nature’s ‘wrath’ against Donald Trump.

“It’s also scary to know that climate change is due to human activity, and we continue to ignore it, and the only voice that we really have is through voting,” says Lawrence.

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9 thoughts on “Storms are nature’s ‘wrath’ against Trump? – Video”

  1. When Sandy hit, they weren’t blaming Obama. Nature loved him.

    And by the way, many people still were homeless several years later when he left office – but that was not his fault either. If someone is out of their house for a week after Irma, Trump will be pilloried.

    Phonies and hypocrites all.

  2. What a brainwashed dufus-just like most Hollywood phonies-when they speak out like this cretin with a room temperature IQ I will never WATCH THEIR MOVIES-EVER!!!! I am sick of GLOBALONEY and the IDIOTS who back it. I have given up on ALL mainstream news-it’s moronic-no newspapers. NOAA-NWS. are in the tank for globaloney fudging the numbers-it is patently obvious. Have measured the rain in my area for 39 years and “climate change” as the control freaks now label it is a SCAM!!!!!

  3. Storms are nature’s ‘wrath’ against Trump?

    Primitive superstition! Too many people are regressing and in our time. Preserving knowledge, technology and the ideals that go with civilization might be more challenging than any of us could imagine. It isn’t the initial crisis but the masses of superstitious starving savages that come afterwards that you have to worry about.
    They would kill and eat you and turn your computer into an object of worship and your archive of DVD or Blue tooth data disks into jewellery. Idiots!

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