Third straight month of dropping sunspot numbers

Dropping. When they should be rising.

NOAA data also shows that, like the sunspot numbers, the 10.7cm flux is also down for the 3rd straight month.

Now it will be interesting to see what happens to our climate.

See entire article, including how NOAA’s Space Weather Prediction Center (SWPC) botched the March sunspot number graph with incorrect data:

Thanks to Dan Dewey for this link

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  1. Yep. We should expect solar sunspot activity to drop to nothing and to persist for a long time in the coming years, based upon the Sun’s recent behavior. Whether we are actually seeing the beginning of another “grand minimum” like the Maunder or Dalton minimums is still debatable. The Sun’s activity may yet increase again. In the past, a “quiet sun” has been correlated with colder weather and less food production in the northern hemisphere. Perhaps it hasn’t started just yet.

    Robert: Have you seen this paper on Mammoth Extinction? It’s interesting stuff:

  2. There has been a significant rise in the “ballyhoo quotient” about warming in North America this winter. Of course, the data sets heavily favor east of the Mississippi, and the amount of moisture is rapidly diminishing the drought in Texas. We’ll see if that lasts. It’s also the end of an el nino/la nina cycle, probably the greatest causative factor.

    One area they absolutely refuse to discuss is the intense winter in central/southern Europe and the MENA region; that blows away all the records. If this sunspot cycle continues as shown, the std 11 year trough-to-peak formation will be seriously stunted.

    • Eh bill,I see your point and from the low sunspot count,from the past few years!its all frigin strange,south Ontario,Quebec an the Maritimes its 20c for the past week,this march break,all winter its been no snow and brief cold which in contrast compared to Europe in the same latitudes is arctic? How can we begin to assume we all know what GODS physics will deal us, as in cold, structured around variables in the Sun, our orbit,volcanos and the the sun being dimmer for the past 20a. Here’s a an observation,its brother planet Mars.Images of Mars recently show how its frozen northern icecap is Offset from its true north pole! It has no oceanic climate or anythin comparable to earth?strange is even stranger than we could imagine. In my opinion its startrek,sub-atomic stuff we our human senses that are not evolved to figure out entirely. Earth climate oscillation doesn’t make sense this year N.America warm and Europe iceaged cold,at the same latitudes?Mars,no oceans,atmospheres but frozen n pole,offset away from true north hmmm?let’s not over analyze people,let’s observe,have an open mind and realize we cant figure everything out because were not the Lord. My guess magnetics from earth,electric fields from the sun and resonance from the universe which is invisible energy all effect our next glacial earth. There’s not one obvious natural trigger of phenomenon to pinpoint an impending iceage but many factors ,hopefully not a snowball.

  3. Robert said to ask you, the readers of this blog as he didn’t know.

    Is there a chance that the reason solar flares from #1429 did not hit earth that the magnetosphere needs to be stronger to attract them. What you call the magnetic ropes from sun to earth in your book, Magnetic Reversals”…could that be involved?

    • we dont “attract” them as such..if the flares facing our way we cop it, so does the moon if its between us and sun.
      its just a massive blurt of plasma energy, the ones that we very luckily did NOT cop from this last sunspot were big and theyre heading/already hit Mars. the nasa probe going theres taken a few big hits recently.

  4. I had predicted this fall from the end of December to April/May when we should have a noticeable rise in activity. We should then have another observable fall from about August through to January 2013, which with luck I would like to see some spotless days.
    I am sticking my neck out with this as it is very early days with my prediction method, so I am very keen to see what happens between now and January.

        • Thanks for that direct link and showing me where it is hidden.

          I believe I have made a discovery that the solar activity month to month can be predicted and is not random. I wrote a very small simulation last July in that eureka moment and I could see that a fall should happen at the end of the year. I am so busy with work and other projects I need to make time to give this solar prediction more of my time. If I leave it too long someone else will realize what is going on and do the same.

  5. The sun is done! Hopefully we do see some spotless days in the coming months. Global cooling will intensify to shut up the warmests.

  6. If we go into something like a maunder minimum the warmists will not shut up. They will be praying to their god for global warming as they freeze their butts off… There is always something for them to complain about.

  7. I know its a bad thing to want sunspots to drop as it makes the world colder and more people will freeze to death.

    But honestly thing will be much worse for the world if Shillard manages to destroy the farming industry with her carbon tax.

    I am at gatton uni study to become a farmer and you have no idea how depressed the carbon tax makes me feel.

    Shillard is a manic intent on destroying the careers of young Australians who want to become farmers.

    I guess what i am trying to say is Shillard is to me as Hitler was to the jews.

    • People will not freeze to death if the world reorganizes itself to face the challenge as a mature, spiritually evolved society.
      We already have more than enough technology to do it, now enters the “spiritual” part. Are we evolved enough?

  8. Sunspecs have halved since cycle 23. In other words, about 50% of the specs that should have appeared in cycle 24 have weakened to the point that they are no longer visible. It indicates a weakening of the internal solar magnetic field. We are seeing more plaques and less sunspots as a result. Livingston and Penn postulate that sunspots will disappear entirely by cycle 25. We are witnessing the beginning of a solar grand minimum in the making. It’s a cycle as reliable as the 24 hour day. No one alive today has witnessed the effects of a sun in hibernation.

  9. With that big spike it only tells me we are on the peak of cycle 24 where the Hathaway prediction is for 2013-2014 who I must say was fairly accurate with his predictions!
    With the start of this minimum I think is where the world food shotages will also start!!

  10. It is early to talk about an maunder or dalton minimum or climate cooling, but there are signs that shows a quiet sun in early future.

    • People are not following the scientific data and not paying attention to the intrinsic cyclic nature of the solar radiation.
      We are entering a grand minimum (possibly a new Ice Age) and people have *no idea* what this is.

      • Everyone, here in the U.S. are experiencing, “a false sense of warmth now.”This a warm flash before the cold to come.This has occurred before a Ice age, after a Ice age, “little and big” Ice ages.Lets hope its not a big one!

  11. having been taking notice of solar predictions for activity levels for a couple fo years I have had good laughs at the warmist raves about activity being downgraded repeatedly…and they still over predict.
    when blind freddy could see that the cycles moving to a LOW.
    still its entertaining reading their excuses, just like the rest of the agw spinsters.
    CSIRO in Aus is going into overdrive here this last couple of weeks after heartl;and.
    will steffens, a total dweeb, encouraged by aunty ABC our extremely BIASED govt supposedly non partisan radio network.
    If they were’nt screwing our lives land use and freedom up with all this crap, it would be funny.!

  12. another question as a reader?
    as our poles wander from the absolute north, knowing that all air particles are charged, doesn’t this imply a changing of the growing zones of plants and animals? Along with the nina’s the change of the water paterns, Etc?

  13. Its a scary post really.
    After all the Sun (aka our local star), is a real snob, and doesnt like showing up at climate committee meetings and acts like an unpridictable dictator at times. So much for those hippie cults of the 60’s who worshiped the sun, hey? …LOL

  14. If the poles are shifting 40 miles per year towards Moscow, that would mean that Alaska is shifting towards the south. So who wants to be a charter member in the Alaska citrus growers association?

    • Gordon that is just the magnetic north pole on the move and not the axis of rotation. The two are not the same thing.
      That being said the axis of rotation has been known to shift. Some times it points at Polaris and some times at Vega. So if the axis of rotation shifts 3 or 4 degrees towards russia it could make a difference. Maybe a slightly smaller ice sheet in north america perhaps.

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