New string of underwater volcanoes discovered near New Zealand

And we wonder what is heating our seas.

A group of Wellington scientists has announced their discovery of a string of  hydrothermal vents on the Tangaroa seamount in the Bay of Plenty.

 “Some of the venting we found was very high temperature, black smoker type situations, where the temperature is several hundred degrees Celsius,” said principal scientist Malcolm Clark of the Niwa expedition.

The top of the seamount is nearly six tenths of a mile (1 km) below the ocean’s surface.

There are 50 submarine volcanoes stretching along the Kermadec Ridge. It’s a significant feature of the Western Pacific, extending almost 1500 km to the edge of the New Zealand northeast of the Kermadec Islands.

Sonar image of Tangaroa Seamount. Image: Niwa.

Because the hydrothermal vents associated with these underwater volcanoes release hot water and gases with different chemical compositions, deep-sea dwellers have adapted various communities to survive in each area.

Scientists therefore say that  the Tanagaroa seamount should be declared off limits to commercial fishing and mining.

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6 thoughts on “New string of underwater volcanoes discovered near New Zealand”

  1. So, exactly how much has the oceans been warming these past years? I thought that they basically have shown no real change in total heat.

    • oooh no a huge(sarc) half a degree, maybe??
      is enough to have them screaming antarcticas going to melt and swamp us all.
      as a floating alredy IN the water ice shelf breaks off as they do tend to do..
      making NO difference to sea levels at all.
      and thermal vents would make more of a heat source than carbon reflected sunlight to the real deep waters mass…but ONLY carbon is to blame ok>
      and in spite of the thermal vents all over, temps arent going up mauch if any.
      mind you the recent spate of quakes in the oceans all round pacific islands may mean new vents rise too.
      what fun for those with the subs.

  2. “Scientists therefore say that the Tanagaroa seamount should be declared off limits to commercial fishing and mining”.

    Is there anywhere left we can fish or mine? I’m beginning to think there isn’t.

  3. It seems to me that in recent years the environmentalists have been doing a big song and dance about ocean acidification and blaming it on CO2 emmissions from human activity. However we have hot water and volcanic gases being emitted from volcanic vents and rift faults. The mixture of SO2 and CO2 with sea water would form acids on a continuous basis. As a general rule when you mix an acid with a base you get a salt.
    So there is areal probability that oceanic warming and changes in chemistry are largely due to variations in submarine volcanism and very little to do with human activity.

  4. Haven’t you heard?? The reason for the possible acidification of the oceans isn’t due to all of this submarine vulcanism that is now being found. No, its all due to America’s thirst for cheap oil and our unwillingness to drive puny little smart cars. I am so evil since I drive an SUV, my name must be on one of their lists for people to dissappear after their big global warming trype finally becomes law… May God help us if our nation finally succumbs to this global warming scam!!!

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