‘Strong’ tremors during last week of February in Seattle area

Look at the number of earthquakes on this map!

Numerous tremors were recorded in the Puget Sound region during the last week of February, reports kiro7.com.

“Just over a week with strong tremor[s] every day and spreading mostly north,” the Pacific Northwest Seismic Network wrote on its blog.

“On Feb. 25, University of Washington Professor of Seismology John Vidale noted the tremors are spreading north and south — as far north as the Strait of Juan de Fuca and as far south as Olympia.”

The strong tremors suggest a heightened risk of a mega-quake, some scientists warn. Others say such a scenario is “highly unlikely.”

As of today, it looks like the tremors have declined significantly.

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See entire article from KIRO 7:

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  1. i have a friend on Whidby island so i was watching this
    unusual series, but then the entire coastline was pretty active the last week
    4 days no sunspots also increases quakes

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