Strongest Summer Jet Stream to Hit Pacific Northwest EVER!

“This looks like January, not July,”says Cliff Mass on his Weather and Climate Blog.

18 July 2019 – It was “an extraordinary weather event,” says Mass. “A record that was not only broken, but shattered to little pieces,”

“The jet stream is a narrow current of strong winds in the upper troposphere (roughly 25,000 ft to 35,000 ft above sea level). It is often the conduit for storms and is associated with a large temperature gradient (change in temperature with horizontal distance) in the middle and lower troposphere. Winds in the jet stream are westerly (from the west) and aircraft like to fly in the jet stream going east, while avoiding it going west. You are now Jet Steam certified!

“The ECMWF 12-h forecast for 5 AM this morning for the wind speed at the 250 hPa pressure level (about 35,000 ft) clearly shows the jet stream, with the orange/red colors being the strongest winds.

“This is a HUGE and very zonal (east-west oriented) jet stream,” says Mass. “This looks like January, not July.”:

“The previous record was around 110 knots…so the 140 knots observed today absolutely shattered the record In fact, the wind over us right now is greater then the records for any date from April 1 to mid-October.
“A truly unusual event.   And one that should not be pinned on global warming.”

Clifford F. “Cliff” Mass is a professor of Atmospheric Sciences at the University of Washington.

See entire blog entry, including maps and graphs:

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16 thoughts on “Strongest Summer Jet Stream to Hit Pacific Northwest EVER!”

  1. Looks like the upper air troughs are heading further south and unusually strong for mid summer.

  2. Vancouver BC was 27 degrees Celcius today. Last few weeks were unusually cold and cloudy for July though.

  3. We had winds of 105 km/hour in the south east of South Australia which is more unusual, so happening down in the southern hemishere too, although it is winter here.

  4. science alert ran an item on rivers in the sky with massive rainfalls etc
    Robert I sent you a link that links into this topic except for their scare story they couldnt link to warmist claptrap cos Cali had a massive weeks long deluge ON RECORD in the late 1800s.

  5. I live in the okanogan valley 10 miles south of the canadian border. There have been so many days this year when the sun is shinning in the morning but by noon it is cloudy but it rarely rains. It seems like weather is typical of april or may. the cloud theory seems to be confirmed.

  6. No matter what, it will be pinned to global warming.
    Mile high ice sheets covering the Northern hemisphere will be pinned to global warming.
    The Communists have discovered that there is a certain percentage of self hating humans that will always blame themselves for everything that goes wrong.

    • Don’t panic. Stay calm. Take a deep breath. This has all happened before, and it will all happen again.

  7. “It is often the conduit for storms and is associated with a large temperature gradient (change in temperature with horizontal distance) in the middle and lower troposphere.”

    Shouldn’t that read “vertical distance”?

  8. This has been the coldest summer in northern California in my memory of over 40 years.

    What I have observed is almost everyday occurrence of mares tail cirrus clouds found typically between 25,000 and 35,000 feet. In the winter they are a 48 hour presage to rain and storms. They have been passing all summer clearly lowering the albedo and keeping daytime temperatures low. We have not hit 100, and have rarely reached 90 this year. This is the first year where the 4th of July was below 90. Summers years ago would register weeks in the teens.

  9. The CO2 alarmists say that increased atmospheric CO2 causes global warming. The CO2 alarmists use of the term “extreme weather” is a subterfuge that attempts to additionally blame CO2 for global cooling. If CO2 could cause both warming and cooling, then there is no way to know if CO2 was causing either. The vague term “extreme weather” provides an opportunity for yet more subterfuge by the CO2 alarmists. In fact, the frequency of intense Atlantic hurricanes has been in decline for the past 50 years. See these reports:

    Downward trends in the frequency of intense Atlantic hurricanes during the past five decades (Geophysical Research Letters,1996)

    “During the past 5 decades [1951- 2010], an average of 5.6 major hurricanes struck the United States. During the preceding 5 decades [1901-1951], an average of 8.4 major hurricanes struck the United States.”

    Tropical Cyclone Frequency in Western North Pacific in Decline 1979-2014

    Experts: Hurricane activity at 45 year low, USA major hurricane drought for almost a decade

    Seasonally warm temperatures near the Equator cause hurricanes in the Atlantic and cyclones in the Pacific. Therefore, the current 50-year decline in hurricanes and cyclones is caused by global cooling, not by global warming, and certainly not by CO2.

  10. John the 1st- Re: self blame.

    That must be why Moms’ guilt trips are so effective. Other people besides Mom have discovered this method for manipulating others.

    Liberals must take a special couse in the “Blame Game” when they are in college.

  11. Come to the Oregon valleys for some warmth. Been hitting 86F a lot in the shade. In the sun it’s been 92F to 96F. Two days ago it got to 96F in the sun. I have a shade thermometer and sun one to compare the readings. The sun is VERY intense when it’s out.

    Dad almost never gets sunburned and this is one of the few times. The sun has been very intense and more white then usual recent years.

    Spraying? Dying O-zone? Weak Magnetic Field? All three?

  12. The sun got intense in 2013. I was going to collage and felt the difference. The period 2009 thru 2011 was pretty chilly though one summer was unusually cloudy BUT humid. We had a few days of near 90F but cloudy weather which was VERY unusual for Oregon. We had some weak weather fronts making it feel like Hilo Hawaii.

  13. 2009 thru 2011 also was unusually cloudy for the globe. MSM presses were saying there was a ‘pause’ on global warming but expect record heat in the next few years. They were right. A lot more heat then cold was shattered.

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