Submarines in trouble in the Arctic due to ice

Harsh ice conditions dangerous even to nuclear fleet.

25 Mar 2018 – “US Nuclear Submarine Gets Stuck In Arctic Ice, “Deterring The Russians,” reads the headline.

According to, the U.S. nuclear submarine USS Connecticut was unable to rise to the surface in the Arctic due to the thickness of the ice.

Another submarine missile carrier, the USS Hartford, managed to break through the ice, but received significant damage.

A Google search reveals that both vessels are Los Angeles-class nuclear-powered submarines providing the US Navy with a lethal combination of stealth and firepower. Their primary mission is to hunt and kill enemy ships and submarines.

They both cruise the Arctic Ocean with two-ton 20-foot-long torpedoes capable of destroying an enemy submarine in an instant.
The ice where they attempted to surface was reportedly only 40 cm (16 inches) thick. Russian submarines  can break ice up to 2.5 meters (8 ft) thick.
I feel so much safer now, don’t you?

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17 thoughts on “Submarines in trouble in the Arctic due to ice”

  1. I thought there wasn’t supposed to be any ice up there anymore. Was that a lie or was it wrong?
    There is no third option.

  2. so much for the idea that cold conditions in the Hemisphere is caused by a warming Arctic eh? I thought I read that here somewhere. Don’t fall for it!!

  3. I guess the new enemy is the ice – not the Soviet subs. Their new mission will be to speed under the Arctic ice to assure that subs don’t flash freeze unexpectedly. As the arctic thickens further, they’ll have to go faster and faster so they don’t get stuck LOL

  4. What’s that I just read? The ice was reportedly only 16” thick? Did NOAA forgot to use the real data and not the numbers adjusted for public consumption. ? ?

  5. Russian subs have always been inferior to their U.S. counterparts by a wide margin. I don’t believe the statistics in this story are accurate.

    Read the true K-19 book to learn the truth about what a cluster the Soviet/Russian navy was, and still is. Find out how many leaking reactors they sank in shallow water.

    BTW. We knew where every one of their POS boats were during the Cold War.

    • My understanding is even though they were designed to be quiet because of shoddy construction they were actually quite noisy. And they didn’t have quiet engine technology until Toshiba illegally sold them their engine designs in the 1980s.

  6. This appears to be a recurring theme this winter. The USS Little Rock, a new LCS launched in Wisconsin, has been stuck in the ice at Montreal, QC, for several months. Supposedly would be able to continue on its way in March, but could find no report that it has left yet. Joseph Trevithick wrote an article for The War Zone last month discussing the severe engineering problems encountered on the elderly USCGC Polar Star during this year’s Antarctic resupply mission. Meanwhile, Russia and China are launching ice breakers and ice capable tankers at a rapid pace. The ability of the US Navy/CG to operate in the Arctic is extremely limited, and there is not even a limited fix on the immediate horizon.

  7. Back when I was stationed aboard an SSN-688 USS Los Angeles class submarine, we had no problem punching through the Arctic ice.

    You’ll note that while NOAA were reporting that the ice in that area was only 16″ thick, that class of submarine is designed to punch through 6 feet of ice. I’ve seen them punch through 8 feet. So either they aren’t building submarines like they used to (for the same class of submarines), or NOAA has been caught in yet another lie… this time a lie that’s damaged two very expensive pieces of equipment (two submarines), put the lives of hundreds of men at risk and caused operational problems for the submarine service which results in a lowering of national security.

    Strange that these sort of empirical observations all show exactly the opposite of what the CAGW clowns are claiming, eh?

    It’s time to disband the NOAA, or at the very least drain the swamp of the libtards. Their politicization of the climate is now merging into the realm of causing real danger.

    • Question though, why would they try to punch through the ice anyway? I thought they could stay under water for two months if they had to. Wouldn’t they just move elsewhere to surface? Even if they travel slow 3 knots per hour say, they could still move 500 miles in a week.

      That is the part I don’t understand.

      • It was an exercise, so in this case, they were just doing drills. But sometimes a sub must surface to get a clearer view of what’s going on with the targets up top… at the very least to break the ice so they can get a periscope up.

        Fast-attack submarines can stay submerged indefinitely… it’s not the sub that’s the limiting factor, it’s the food.

        We can generate our own fresh water, our own oxygen, and we can scrub CO2 from the air. Trash is disposed of via a TDU (trash compactor atop two giant ball valves that dump the trash overboard in weighted tin containers).

        My sub was submerged for as long as 6 months at a time. One time, we did a 6 month stint, pulled in, loaded up with food over the course of two weeks, then went right back out for another 6 months.

        As they say, there’s no slack on a fast-attack.

        We had so much food it wouldn’t fit in the freezer, so we stacked food all across the deck plates in Engine Room Lower Level. Fortunately, ERLL is below freezing when the sub is submerged. Engine Room Upper Level, though, often gets above 100 F.

  8. Then why didn’t the foolish crew do the blinking obvious thing and fire one of those wonderful torpedoes at the ice? That would blast a hole in the ice as big as a football pitch. Some people lack even basic intelligence.

  9. chuckling a lot;-) so the thin rotten ice they were raving up isnt so thin- or as rotten as the subs are?
    now i guess its a few mill and some months in drydock “fixing it”
    read that a russian sub had done a reccy right over the top arctic and down to the coast for a look see the other week
    hmm? their subs made it all the way under?

  10. Irrespective of what you might read in the MSM during March of every year there is plenty of ice at deep-freezer temperture.

  11. I think that Mr. Trump should proceed with a shake-up at NOAA management and order an investigation into Michael Mann hockey stick. This charade needs to end for us to prepare for the long cold years coming ahead….

  12. Sounds like the Russians don’t buy into the AGW Mantra, so they build their subs to cope with reality.
    US subs, on the other hand, seem to have been built to standards befitting a Gore inspired alternative reality. They can’t cope with the frozen reality that exists.

  13. DIdn’t George Washington defeat the British when the British boats got stuck in the ice in NY harbor?

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