Suddenly no sun but snow and hail in Italy

Snow and hail in Alesso, Italy – See video

In the video, it looks like 8 to 12 inches of snow/hail in some areas. Here’s what the article says:

“Residents of the Italian coastal town of Alassio were surprised by cold weather. Normally it is very hot around this time, but that suddenly turned around. From the sky snowflakes and hailstones came as big as golf balls.”

The snow disappeared by the next day and the temperature rose to 26 degrees.

Note: According to Google maps, Alesso is NOT a coastal town.

Thanks to Ron de Haan for this link

7 thoughts on “Suddenly no sun but snow and hail in Italy”

  1. Alassio is a coastal town south west of Savona which is Italy’s 2nd major Ligurian cruise terminal city after Genoa.

    We were there in winter 2004 and it wasn’t particularly cold – Genoa was but I don’t remember snow at either.

    Departed on a cruise from Savona which took us to the Canary islands speaking of volcanoes.

  2. All those motorcycles parked in the snow covered street in the picture that accompanies the news article are a clear indication that snow falling in this area during this time of year is a normal occurrence. Must be AGW…. again. LOL

  3. IMHO the sunspot count at Spaceweather is fake news. The real number is waay higher.

    They are counting pixels. And worse… …today supposedly has a sunspot, but it’s just some small white “plaque” leftover from what was a tiny pixely sunspot. I zoomed it up like crazy and not even one black pixel.

    Peace from BC Canada

  4. Not sure I’m understanding you.

    They show an almost spotless sun with “some small white “plaque” ” which is probably not a sunspot at all as you state BUT “The real number is waay higher.” ??

    If, as you correctly say “They are counting pixels” then how can the real number be waay higher ?

    Surely if they’re faking their numbers the real number should be lower ?

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