More Sulfur from Bárðarbunga Than All of Europe

Emissions of sulfur dioxide from the volcanic eruption at Bárðarbunga amounted to nearly 12 million tons. 

Twelve million tons. That is more than the total emission of the dangerous gas over the whole of Europe in 2011, according to University of Iceland scientist, Sigurður Reynir Gíslason.

The Bárðarbungan (aka Holuhraun) eruption was the biggest eruption in Iceland since the ‘Skaftá Fires’ from 1783 to 1784, which spewed poisonous sulfur dioxide (SO2) over a large area of Europe. The eruption lasted for six months, from late August 2014 to late February 2015.

Sulfur dioxide is toxic in large amounts and can cause respiratory problems and irritation to eyes, nose and throat.

Quote from the same site:
In light of the volcano’s history and considering the fact that a large part of the Bárðarbunga volcanic system lies under Vatnajökull glacier, a sub-glacial eruption is likely, according to Kristín Jónsdóttir, director of the Icelandic Met Office’s natural hazards division.

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“One volcano in a short period of time produced more SO2 than the whole of Europe,” says J.H.

“Carbon dioxide is also produced by volcanic eruptions in similar quantities. How many volcanoes will it take to change the CO2 light bulb?

“During the 600 BC Solar Minimum three separate major volcanic eruptions devastated the earth’s climate for decades. Bárðarbunga may be the first of many major eruptions in this cycle.”

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  1. I read recently that they tell the difference between “naturally occurring carbon dioxide” and man made carbon dioxide by the ratio of C13 to C12 in the carbon dioxide. The explanation was that ancient life appeared to have a greater affinity for the C13 isotope than modern life. Increased usage of “fossil fuels,” then, causes increased amount of C13 molecules.

    Since it is now reasonably certain that petroleum, at least, is NOT a fossil fuel but is produced in the crust of the Earth, just as methane is, by a process of heat and pressure, there really is no way to establish a ratio of manmade to normally made carbon dioxide when they talk about persistence or anything else, by looking at the CO2 molecule.

    But the bottom line regarding carbon dioxide and global warming is very simple – if carbon dioxide is the “thermostat” for controlling the Earth’s temperature, then temperature goes up as carbon dioxide increases. Period. Can’t be any other way. There has to be an upward trend from at least 1945 through today in temperature since there has been an upward trend in carbon dioxide. The moment they say a dip in temperature is because of La Nina, PDO change, drop in sunspots, whatever, they have said carbon dioxide does not control the temperature. Period. It might affect it in some way, but it cannot act as a control – a thermostat. Why that simple fact can’t be understood by so many people is beyond my ability to reason.

    • Considering that Water vapour is the dominant Green House Gas in the atmosphere and that Co2 currently constituting about 0.04% (400 parts per million) of the atmosphere. This chart is very telling:
      Each peak is an interglacial; each trough is a glacial, deepening to a severe glacial period for 75,000 years during the last two glacial cycles. The rise and fall in CO2 follows every one of the previous cycles. The rise and fall of Temperature is much more pronounced during each cycle.
      As each glacial proceeds water vapour is snowed out of the atmosphere and the temperature plummets. CO2s decline is less pronounced as the glacial extinction progresses, but is more like refreshed from volcanic sources.
      This Interglacial cycle is the lowest in temperature than the previous four Interglacial peaks, but it should be noted that the normal climate state of the earth is glacial, with very short abnormal interglacial spikes, probably due to the Earth axis progression and shape of its orbit around the Sun, coupled with a long wave cycle within the Sun’s fusion core which moderates the TSI output more so than the Planetary moderation which controls EUV output via spot production.

    • I’m sure they’ll have some kind of explanation, and goodness knows, it certainly won’t be because they were wrong from the outset or had any intent to actually deceive people! Heaven forefend!

  2. Some people have suggested that energy policies are intentionally being designed to reduce the population by increasing the price of energy beyond the reach of certain population groups, ie the elderly, et al. At this rate, when one volcano can spew out this much poisonous sulfur dioxide, and God knows what else, and it’s not even of the same magnitude of say, Krakatoa or Pinatubo, then we should, instead be working hard to create energy policies to keep as many people as possible of all age and ethnic groups alive.

    • Perhaps it is time to explore other sources of energy like using magnetic repulsion to drive generators. No need for fuel, radioactive isotopes or wind just neodymium super magnets.

  3. Next to the Laki eruption in the 1780s 12 million tons is peanuts.

    I came across some youtube videos on the topic of axial tilting of the earth and it rises some questions.
    1. Has the Earth started to tilt on its axis in the last 20 years?
    2. Are the statements made in the following videos credible?
    *Earth’s Axis Has Shifted!* And The Sky Has Changed.
    Inuit People on Sun Wrong ,Stars Wrong , Earth Tilting on Axis
    ATTN: Earth Is Shifting South…!!!
    ALERT! EARTH IS Shifting South!

    • Fortunately it was peanuts in comparison. Otherwise, has it been at the same levels of emissions as the Laki eruption, 100,000 European lives could have been put at risk due to breathing in SO2 and it rotting their lungs, as happen in Europe during the months that followed Laki. The 2C drop in European temperature over the period wouldn’t have helped either.
      The point being made was one volcano erupting into the atmosphere exceeded Europe’s emissions for one year for both SO2 and CO2 without the latter gas causing a Greenhouse warming run away effect.
      The BRICS are now producing more emissions that the hated capitalist west has ever done, I see no one with their hands out to them for subs.
      The majority of the Icelandic volcanos have the capability of producing T6 and T7 level eruptions and in the winter the UK is just down wind, and close enough to hear the Bang. Northern Hemisphere air travel might take a12 month hit in the process.

  4. Steven-I watched the three videos you posted. The Inuit seem very credible. I’m sure they are highly aware of where the sun rises and sets, variations in weather and so on in the natural world.

    Magnetic north and true north used to be close enough together that you could use a magnetic compass to navigate across the map of the world.

    Magnetic north has been slowly shifting for some time. Now people are saying that true north is also moving. I cannot think of any other reason that the sun and stars would appear to be moving, however one Inuit said that sunrise was the same but sunset had changed. Would that be the case if Earth’s axis shifted? Would they not both change?

    The narrator of the third video seemed to use the movement of magnetic north and true north interchangeably, as if they were the same thing. They are not, but this confusion is common.

    Clearly, something is going on. But sadly, we can neither trust the MSM nor a large portion of the scientific community to tell us the truth, so we must rely on private parties on the internet for our information. Some will be right on, some will be way off base. But which is which?

    Here’s another important question. If true north is truly moving, is it moving the same direction as magnetic north or not? And how can I check the position of the sunrise on the solstice if my compass reading of north is no longer the same thing as true north?

    The message of the end time in the Bible is clear. At the end, the only thing left that will be solid enough to cling to is Jesus Christ. He is the rock of ages. I grieve for those who do not know Him.

    • Don’t worry. God will sort them out.
      As for the tilting of the earth if we are indeed experiencing change in the angle of the axial tilt it will change the mount of incoming solar energy and its distribution. Imagine what a few more degrees of tilt would mean for the climate.

    • I brought up the subject due to seeing the listings for the videos at youtube and because change in the axial tilt will change the climate.

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