Summer switched off – Record low temps in 9 states

Record low temperatures in nine states from Missouri to Michigan, snow in Colorado, snow on Mount Rainier, snow on Whistler-Blackcomb … and summer isn’t even officially over.

In International Falls, Minn., nicknamed the “Icebox of the Nation,” the temperature hit 19 degrees, a record low for this time of year.

The chill brought some measure of relief to sun-baked Southern states like Texas, but in northern states like Wisconsin, where much of the corn fields, already stunted by the warm weather, stopped growing with the first frost, it killed hopes that a mellow fall would fatten up the crop before harvest.

Meanwhile, the coldest summer in 20 years wiped out two-thirds of the United Kingdom’s common blue butterfly, and almost half of the 59 British species are now under threat.

Butterflies play a key role in pollination. But they are unable to fly, feed, find mates or lay eggs in cold, rainy weather.

Saint Louis Today, “Summer is switched off as cold wave invades”

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“Coldest summer in 20 years wipes out two-thirds of the common blue butterfly”

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