This sums up the snow in Saudi Arabia

This sums up the snow in Saudi Arabia

A religious scholar said that building snowmen or snow animals was not acceptable in Islam.

Saudi Arabia - 10 Jan 2015
Saudi Arabia – 10 Jan 2015

The fatwa, by Mohammad Saleh Al Minjed, said that building snowmen or any replica of an animal, even if it is for fun or recreation, could not be condoned. Only lifeless things, such as ships, fruit and buildings could be imitated, the fatwa said.
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25 thoughts on “This sums up the snow in Saudi Arabia

  1. It’s not OK to build snow people or animals but it is OK to murder anyone who doesn’t bow down to your religious beliefs ??

    It is OK to treat half the human population – the female half – as subservient chattels whose existence is only to glorify the male religious leaders and the females “husbands” (owners)??

    Hope I don’t bring a jihad down on Robert for comments like these but I simply cannot believe the ridiculous extents these religious fanatics go to in order to justify their dark ages barbaric behaviour !

    Other religions have grown up out of their dark ages barbarism but I seriously doubt, and despair, that any “religion” that behaves in this manner in the 21st century will ever “grow up” and cease acting like barbaric childish self centred monsters.

    • It is in the O.T. under “ten commandments” —
      Do not make yourself a graven image ;
      a directive common to Judiasm , Christianity , and Islam . I interpet
      it to mean an object of worship .

      • Yes I know about the “Graven Image” in the Bible, but where is it in the Koran. My understanding of “graven Image” is to worship, or set up as a God in place of one and only God. I don’t think anyone building a snowman intends to worship at said snowman. If you where to enlarge upon this, does the Iman wish take this further, issue a fatwa to stop our children building sandcastles, playing with dolls, or toys, could these also be considered graven images. The Mosques, are these not also “graven images” careful that the building does not become the “graven Image”. What about the guns that certain sections consider their new GOD.

        • The Old Testament is part of the Koran, just as it is part of the Torah. It is one of the reasons why I have always had so much difficulty in trying to understand the violence and death in the Middle East. Both the Jewish faith and Islam are based on the same set of ten commandments, but neither seem able to understand what “thou shalt not kill” means, since killing is done at the drop of hat. As for places of worship, and those that run them, I have always wondered why they set themselves above the God they say they believe in since they continuously place themselves above the compassion of their God. Judea may not believe in Christ, but Christ was a prophet in Islam, just as was Moses. The 3 branches of the tree that springs from the time of Moses all have the same basic set of Thou shalt nots” but the “followers” of those that interpret “the Word” are taught to ignore them if they don’t suit the needs of the “organized religion.” Sad.

    • I dunno where, BUT
      its like the old make no idols in the western bible
      appears they see ANY living thing being reproduced as a no no, pretty warped when a camels included really..
      hence the destruction of the stone buddahs and other sects mosques and holy relics.
      sorta made me ponder anyone taking any pictures of their own family to share possibly also being in same category?
      hmm? they cant have portraits painted etc.
      if you stand back ALL elgions have some pretty weird ideas in em
      some are far harsher n weirder in their punishment.

  2. Reading the newspapers lately I take the cowardly approach, not wanting to have a fatwa directed toward me or any on this site. I may or may not agree with the snow animals here but on the rest of the comment, I have no comment.

    • The freedom to state one’s belief in this Union is what made this union great.
      When another religion or this government dictates to any american that he/she is to cease in their comments contrary to political or religious beliefs of another we should not cower and hide to intimidation.
      If this or any other government goes beyond the law and makes provisions for only one religion to be an exception to the law and hold higher precedence than another, or as is the growing facts in most eastern nations that there shall be only one religion with only one interpretation of the religion(scary stuff).
      To bond religions through unity of sects and culture has proven to be most disastrous. Constantine(dark ages), then following the retaking and renaming to Istanbul, Muhammad uniting the different sun god religions in one Islam.
      Would seem the fore-fathers of this nation were keyed in on the importance of freedoms to beliefs. That is what they found to be self evident of the creator. Without an open discussion concerning the writings of the Bible and a man’s equal right to his interpretation of the passages contained within we would again be ruled by the hierarchy of kings and queens and be subject to the interpretation of the ruling class.
      So if we refuse to exercise the right to freedom of speech and allow the hierarchy to win the day through political correctness there is no doubt we will again fall under the reign of kings and queens or even worse the reign of communism that the Muslims enjoy.

      I for one will never be silenced in the name of religious tolerance when the tolerance involves the taking away of my freedoms given me by the constitution.

  3. A news agency from India has put a video on the internet, showing camels in the snow in the Tabuk region of Saudi Arabia.
    Snow whitens desert in Tabuk region!
    A heavy snowstorm hit parts of Saudi which amazed the visitors and tourists in the region. Saudi boys walk in the snow in the Aleghan Heights in the Tabuk region.

  4. OK! I can (kind of) understand the bit about the snowman because they have some religious aversion to “creating an image” …. and then somebody would name it ‘Mohammad’, but why outlaw snow camels? are they worried that someone will think the snow camel is Mohammad’s girlfriend?

  5. The reason the Koran is silent as to snow is because Mohammed never saw snow.

    Back before global warming (when the world was supposedly colder) they didn’t have snow in Saudi Arabia.

  6. They do not make images of people or animals because the faith was founded in an area where nasty polytheistic religions much like the Ancient Egyptian used to flourish.They do not want them to return. It is just being puritanical to an extreme. (from a non Muslim perspective)

  7. what are you here all US morons making fun to other? no wonder you are hated! I wonder why no one in muslim world make fun out of Jesus or Marry…you are just pathetic and you know it. Truth hurts!

      • Rick, what you said here is cute, but it all so is tasteless. This is the kind of comment that makes Muslims angry as it is using the name of their god in jest. Poor taste.

    • Well Alex, it appears you don’t know much about the Muslim world or you would know why they don’t make jokes about Jesus. Since you don’t know that Jesus was considered a prophet in the Muslim world, it would appear you don’t know enough about your religion to be qualified to judge anyone else. At least open your mind enough to LEARN your religion before you spout stupid comments.

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