Sunspot Counts Plummeting

And cosmic rays are intensifying



Today marks the 33rd day in 2017 that the sun has been blank–no sunspots. This exceeds the total number of spotless days in all of 2016 (32). The accelerating pace of spotlessness is a sign that Solar Minimum is approaching. Forecasters expect the sunspot cycle, which swings like a pendulum between high and low sunspot number every ~11 years, to reach its nadir in 2019-2020. Stay tuned for more blank suns.

Meanwhile, cosmic rays are intensifying.

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19 thoughts on “Sunspot Counts Plummeting”

  1. Is it just me or do record solar maximums when the earth warms coencide with human stupidity and cluelessness? NO wonder humans were much smater last time this grand minimum occurred!

    • The increase in Western stupidity started with the First World War and industrial killing on a large scale, and followed it into the 2nd a generation later. Millions of men killed on the battlefield, the flower of the nation in terms of DNA, drive, leadership. That investment loss in specie takes many generations to recover.
      At the same time the political class degenerates into Jam today politics, as per the UK labour party, and pay for it later under the Tories, once Labour has crashed the UK economy again for 8th time in my life time.
      Socialism if brilliant in theory, but ignores human nature, to want the most from a given endeavour, with the least effort, or in the case of the 40% of shirkers no work at all.

      • Interesting suggestion that WW1 and 2 resulted in the opposite of “survival of the fittest”. Then the American Civil War (i.m.o. the stupidest war ever) is to blame for current Americans.

  2. Less frequent sunspots not only increases the opportunity for cooler temps, but also creates a problem in that our electro magnetic shields become weaker. The sunspots are directly proportionate to the amount of CME’s and cosmic rays that are entering our atmosphere. Although not all cosmic rays are bad, it can produce an uptick in erratic behavior of all life forms here on Earth as we respond. Our DNA and bodies respond to light and energy vibrations. I do not buy into the whole “enlightenment” meme of how cosmic rays will change human consciousness, but it does change things such as decay rates and half lives or radioactive materials. This may also explain the chem trail phenomena globally. We are entering into uncharted territories of outer space.

    • By what mechanism do you postulate that cosmic rays change the decay rates or half-lives of radioactive materials in any way?

    • That’s a heck of a lot of nonsense in one paragraph.
      Far too much NASA kool-aid I’m thinking.

    • got to 7 then today 16th may in aus i see a small UNnumbered????sunspot on spaceweather page
      never seen one w/out a number prior

  3. There’s also a considerable amount of cooler than average ocean water at high latitudes, despite what they might say to the contrary.

  4. The linked website notes that in 2009 there were 260 days without sunspots, was this a particularly cold year ?

    • wasnt hot really as i remember it
      I DID find it extremely amusing cos it was the copenhagen fiasco n they all got snowed in;-)
      while bitchin re warmin:-)
      classic moments;-)

  5. Cosmic rays have already been causing problems for NASA satellites over the last few years. They may be less frequent but they’re more penetrative than solar particles, and we’re seeing more of them. Can’t see how they could change human consciousness, though. Sounds really hokey! What idiot came up with that one?

  6. I believe there was one period last year where a full month of spotless days occurred and MANY more multiple days of spotless periods.

    I watch this site : continuously because they use the old style of counting which means one can relate it back to historic records and circumstances more efficiently. I could be wrong but I’m pretty sure we had ((many)) more sunspots than 34.

  7. The aspect I’m watching is the F10.7 Flux. Radiation levels will play a roll in cloud development and solar wind etc. It seems to be substantially lower this year. With lower flux we should see more skin cancers and perhaps more cloud formation. These readings as I understand them lag 6 months, so if we are seeing lower readings today the weather effect will start in November just in time for winter snows. More moisture early and possibly early cold and snow. If you know more up to date info I’d love to know. I’m doing
    this from memory.

  8. I have been following the amazing students in Bishop, CA who do this research using weather balloons. Their supervisor, Dr. Tony Phillips, works for NASA and space is his baby. The results are processed at a university, I forget which. Some of you put down everything that NASA is involved in, but information about cosmic rays is vital to our future as the solar minimum progresses. Other students across the country are joining this effort. Their Facebook page is earthtoskycalculus.

    • yeah
      and looking at their charts ON spaceweather
      id say a LOT of airline crews will be having early retirements and cancers
      seen the rad levels in planes?
      scary stuff

  9. Meanwhile … cyclical earth facing coronal holes are on the uptick … which coronal hole solar wind upticks … blow energy into the energy balloon, it seems (?); energy in … via the energy that heads to each pole; in there … then radiated out between the tropics … and that which is radiated out there … returning via the planetary torus model magnetic field dynamics, to the poles again … to re-circulate?

    So, if you continue to add energy to the energy balloon … warming taking place? That, though, from the inside out?

    The poles warm with the energy upticks there … that energy at the poles causing a push of each respective jet stream towards the equator … polar vortexes anyone ?

    At the equator, and between the tropic lines … more energy or heat out … the tropic lines, to drift towards each pole as a result … is there evidence of that?

    Also, oceans heating so more moisture up into the atmosphere … that moisture meeting cold air forced in the direction of the equator from each pole via the polar vortexes … and what do you have but greater atmospheric mixing?

    The trend over time … that of a warming planet … warming from the inside out … or, in the case of the poles, from the energy in there?

    Ah well … Mama said there’d be days (years?) like this …. 😉

    Or did she? 😉

  10. Cosmic rays intensifying are also a sign of an approaching magnetic reversal due to a weakening magnetic field. You know what that means? The next extinction is near!
    (that’s in addition to global cooling)

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