Sunspot-cycle chart shows strong cooling ahead

Sunspot-cycle chart shows strong cooling ahead

After looking at this chart, can there be any question as to where our climate is headed?

Temperatures went up in sync with the sunspot cycle, and temperatures went down in sync with the sunspot cycle.

Down, down, down into the Dalton Minimum.

Down, down, down, into the Maunder Minimum and The Little Ice Age.

Source: Dr Timo Niroma

Let me ask it again. Can there be any question as to where our climate is headed?

Thanks to David Spurgeon for this info.

Dr. Niroma is highly respected Finnish climatologist who has been linking solar activity with temperature in a series of many papers.

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  1. Thats funny it looks Cyclical. Hum now where have i read that before !!!

    We should burn the Global warming kooks put the to some use and warm the planet lol

  2. So with 7 billion people on the planet and the temps return to little iceage territory how many can the earth support?

  3. I have seen other charts where the uptick in SSN does not start until late in this century.

    There are some “climatologists” and solar scientists who are claiming SSN (or lack) of have nothing to do with climate – despite precise historical evidence. I find that poor thinking.

  4. This coming cooling period will be deadly to millions if not billions of us.
    Both from cold and starvation.
    Europe and North America won’t be spared!

    • Now you UNDERSTAND why the AGW BS is being pushed. Turn farm land into green energy sources, stop carbon based energy generation, and you get rid of the poor and the old with little trouble what so ever. Two classes of “useless eaters” easily eliminated.

  5. He’s in line with Landshceidt a far bit. Uses Jupiter but its pretty darn obvious that the gas giant orbits pull the solar barycenter and hence the solar cycle and through some mechanism not researched at present, drive the magnetic cycles. Great graph. I was amazed to see the fit between the later curve and that from 1600 to 1820! amazing. How can one not be amazed.

  6. gee just how lucky can a girl get?
    born at the end of the baby boom, I left school just as the jobs dried up and the 70s ecofreaks started the eugenics and shortages freak out. they released the GMO and chem farm monocrop plagues to “save” us. and we’ve had ample proof it didnt do much good and did do a lot more harm.
    and now..looks like just as I hit my 70s and wont be so fit or able to cope with extreme cold..thats what I have to look forward to.
    if the NWO billygates ipcc and the rest don’t manage to cull us first.
    still I guess the usa latest attempt at inciting Global war may make all of the above seem like a doddle anyway.

    • “…the usa latest attempt at inciting Global war…” ???

      You need to read some more history Laurel, instead of reading junk like Noam Chomsky churns out. (Noam is STILL justifying Pol Pot’s genocide in Cambodia, which he approved of.)

      Do you think there would be less crime if we disbanded the police?

      The USA is the only reason that WWIII hasn’t happened yet, and (nearly) the only hope that it won’t. Don’t inadvertently align yourself with those who hope it will.

      • Hopefully our leftist world political partys will “Freeze” before they can start any war!better yet! hopefully enough evidence will happen,Strong Global Cooling to discredit them!

      • No rational sane thinking person could argue against the West is itching for a fight. I know the truth hurts, it hurts me too but the extremes they’re going to incite a war with China & Russia is ridiculous because they don’t agree with us.
        Bob C you’re the one who needs to open their eyes & mind not Laurel.
        The truth is there for ALL to see, if you want to that is !
        I’d much prefer to freeze to death than from radiation poisoning or some toxin cooked up by the CDC etc

  7. LAUREL AND JOHN I will reword my question. “In Magnetic Reversal” p. 154 the existence of giant magnetic ropes connecting earth’s upper atmosphere to the sun was confirmed by satellites. “We believe solar wind particles flow in along these ropes, providing energy for geomagnetic storms and auroras.” I forwarded Robert an article concerning this from the BBC in 2007.

    QUESTION: Is the reason for so few solar flares are aimed directly towards earth that these weakened magnetic ropes cannot conduct them.

  8. In Revelations it says that 200,000,000 will invade Israel from the north. I wonder what in the world would cause them to do that? Fiddlin

    • Actually, the 200 million are supposed to come from the east. Europeans, on the other hand, have invaded Israel and the Middle East many times since the time of Jesus. Example: the crusades, World War 1 and World War 11. The NATO war against Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya are the latest.

  9. Now can I interest anyone in reading Mitchell Smith’s Snowfall trilogy, especially the first book. Smith taught arctic survival in the Army. His depiction of human life during an iceage is thought provoking.

  10. The natural variation of the sun’s radiation and magnetic field, coupled with Milankovich’s orbital cycles indicate a long slow descent into the next Ice Age. Each of the previous Ice Ages have been more extreme than the previous. There is a 3,000 to 18,000 year window for the beginning of the next one. If you believe a that a degree or two of AGW warming is going to prevent this natural cycle from happening, I have a cabin in Greenland for sale.
    One of the greatest tragedies surrounding climate science was the divorce from reality that happened. A simple bell jar experiment in the 1800’s became the basis for the farce we face today.
    If we are sliding into a mini Ice Age, increasing CO2 will do two things.
    Raise the temperature a bit, but more importantly, give plants the food they need to grow fast. CO2 is to plants what O2 is to humans. They require less water and nutrients from the soil.
    Hard times are coming.
    Trying to control the climate is setting up humanity for civilizational extinction.
    Think Planet of the Apes.

    • I’d like to remark this important part:
      “… Each of the previous Ice Ages have been more extreme than the previous… ”
      CO2 causes at most a small modulation of the main oscillations driven by the Sun and the oceans.
      In fact, IMO we know so little about the Sun (contrary to what normal “science” says) that even the oceans could be driven by the Sun during long periods.
      All the warming that the “warmists” are claming so far is +0.5 C, while the Ice Age plunges go many degrees downward in relatively short periods.

  11. Today in what should be the middle of the “active” cycle of the sun, we have 1 (count them, 1) sun spot as reported on IAN web site. Its going to be COLD!

    • The minimum that we’re approaching now have some unique characteristics that could set the stage for its intensity to be lower that previous minima. /1/ The very high intensity of the last 6 solar cycles which has no precedent in many centuries (probably 2000 years) indicates that the subsequent period wil be a deep minimum . /2/ The Magnetosphere is giving many signs of weakening and possible polar flip, which could trigger strong volcanic activity (as we’re already seeing now to some extent). /3/ All previous interglacial periods lasted no more that ~ 10,000 years and the end of the present interglacial could happen anytime soon. /4/ The Maunder minimum was the deepest cooling period of the Pleistocene, and the cooling periods have been growing in intensity and duration while the warming periods have been decreasing in intensity for many thousand years (6-8 kyears) systematically.
      Now we do “2+2″ and use the above *facts” to predict what is coming next. The conclusion is clear.
      It will be a long deep minimum with a very clear possibility of a new Ice Age.
      That’s what the facts indicate.

      • Couldnt agree more with this response.Time is running out for us to “prepare”! on another note the oldest native American Settlement found near Macon,Georgia.predates the interglacial 12-17,000 years!this place must have been the only point north before conditions were too cold to grow crops for food during the last ice age.

  12. Here is a short treatise that elucidates the centuries long lag between climate warming and the rise in atmospheric CO2 that results from this warming as the
    “ice core data for T an GHG” are closely analysed. It appears that increased atmospheric carbon containing gas is the result of climate warming as opposed to its cause.

    —see especially REFERENCE (9) Ice Core Studies Prove CO2 Is Not the Powerful Climate Driver Climate Alarmists Make It Out to Be; CO2 Science;
    Volume 6, Number 26: 25 June 2003 at:

    — for a summary of some important older papers on this phenomenon.

    By the way it was the re-reading of these older peer reviewed papers on the lag in the ice core data (that I had shelved when I was busy with my own research)
    that convinced me that more rigorous attention to climate science was required as opposed to simply having faith that an international science organization like

    Peter Salonius

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