Surprise blizzard at Yellowstone

Surprise blizzard at Yellowstone

Early Christmas at Yellowstone National Park after surprise wintry blast.

13 Sep 2016 – Four to eight inches of snow were forecast through Monday night with further snowfall expected early Tuesday as temperatures dropped to 32F (0C).

Old Faithful Webcam – Courtesy NWS Cheyenne

This is not the first time the park has been hit by a freak snowstorm. In 2014 snow swept across the park at the end of August.

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6 thoughts on “Surprise blizzard at Yellowstone”

  1. 4 to 8 inches of Snow do “not” make a Blizzard !

    “Unless” at least “8” inchs fall within an “8” hour period accompanied with at least “gale” force winds (Sustained 35 mph winds)

    Minimum Blizzard !

    That didn’t happen…

  2. I remember reading in the National Geographic many years ago that snow is not unusual in September in the higher parts of Yellowstone.

  3. Mainstream meteorologists are allowed to notice snow in Yellowstone in September, because it does occur sometimes, then they can act surprised, and say, however, there’s nothing unusual here, move along, move along, even though it is early, even for Yellowstone. However, they weren’t allowed to notice the snowstorms in August and July. Patterns out of season they generally aren’t allowed to acknowledge.

    There probably wasn’t a month that it didn’t snow in Yellowstone this year. That said, this snow was impressive, about 6 inches in some of the higher valleys, snow persisting even days after it happened.

  4. Also, it snowed overnight, so it was a winter pattern. Precipitation isn’t common at night during the summer recently.

  5. The point is, it’s still snowing at the earlier side of the range of expected dates, if not before, after “global warming”.

  6. By the way, I was there the day before the storm, and a tree fell down from wind 15 yards away from me, pulling up roots and all, 12 hours at least in advance of the storm, and I had to leave the Park because things were already too extreme. If it maintained this intensity during the storm, it was a blizzard. Remember, the ground is warm, so to get an accumulation of 6 inches or more, you might be talking about even more impressive amounts of snow, especially since those amounts were seen in some of the valley floors.

    Thankfully I hadn’t gotten too creative about where I parked. If the winds blew it towards me, that could have been bad.

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