Surprise snow in Kirov

Moscow – 17 Sep 2016 – The weather on Saturday presented a surprise to residents of Kirov. In the city dropped the first snow this season.

Citizens posted photographs on social networks of the unexpected September precipitation.

Photo Gallery of Kirov snow on 17 Sep 2016: Weather “gone crazy”: Kirov was hail, and the first snow fell

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2 thoughts on “Surprise snow in Kirov”

  1. not sure if its really that big a shock folks?
    friend who lives in Russia mentioned them starting the yearly testing of the state supplied steam heat systems

    funny how everyone sledges Russia?
    the STATE provides heat to its people at very low cost
    unlike western nations where the old n frail and poor struggle to pay for heating or resort to burning books as in the UK

  2. Samoa hit by hail storm so rare residents thought it was a hoax.
    Samoa has been hit by a hail storm so rare that it was believed to be a hoax by many of the island’s inhabitants.

    The tropical nation of Samoa lies in the Pacific Ocean, where the average temperature at this time of year is 29C.
    But on Friday evening an unexpected hail storm struck the eastern side of the island of Savai’i, accompanied by heavy rain and strong wind gusts. Meteorologist forced to release satellite images of the storm to convince some locals that the hail wasn’t part of a practical joke.

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