Surprise snowfall in the heart of France

26 Apr 2017 – Il a neigé ce mardi soir en Côte-d’Or ! Envoyez nous vos photos. It snowed Tuesday night in the northern Côte-d’Or!

Snowflakes begun falling around 19:30 in the Saulieu area, leaving a light white coat covering the landscape as shown by photographs taken shortly before 20:30.

The snowfall could continue for a few hours since Météo France forecast some flakes for parts of the department (Etalante, Vitteaux, Saulieu, Arnay-le-Duc) early on Wednesday.

See lots of photos:

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3 thoughts on “Surprise snowfall in the heart of France”

  1. Hopefully the French voters will notice the snow and the freezing of all the vineyards and decide to vote for a candidate who does not promote global warming theory.

    • Unhappily not a single candidate didn’t unpromote the AGW. Even if they don’t clearly mention it, They all surf on that story because they all are tied to the great interests behind that (the media, the investors and their own interest in justifying their presence). Macron, Hollande or Sarkozy, it’s quite all the same about environment and ecology: justifying regulations, taxes, and the presence of the elite, green employment supposed to create jobs but impeachment for growers to produce everything. The Front National like formerly the National socialist are well known too to have a hard line concerning ecology. As we say, in 10 days we will have to choose between Pest and cholera.

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