Suzuki – A capitalist who enjoys wealth, travel & activities that emit lots of CO2

“David Suzuki’s carbon footprint is immense,” reads the headline.

Excerpts from an article by Colin Craig, in the Toronto Sun, April 30, 2018.

“David Suzuki has spent years telling Canadians that we all need to pay carbon taxes and reduce our carbon footprint. Yet, Suzuki himself loves to travel and has a massive carbon footprint.

But before we discuss his global adventures, consider what the David Suzuki Foundation’s website notes about air travel: “Air travel leaves behind a huge carbon footprint.” The site goes on to note that people should “try vacationing closer to home” or “stay in touch with people by videoconferencing…” to help “stop climate change.”

Now consider that in 2014 Suzuki did a farewell tour across Canada. It was supposed to be his “last national tour” according to the CBC. That tour included “20 stops from St. John’s to Vancouver.”

Since that “last national tour” in 2014, we calculated that Suzuki has made at least eight more trips to cities in Ontario, four trips to Montreal, he has visited Winnipeg a couple times, Atlantic Canada twice and Calgary at least once….

But that’s just Canada … Suzuki has also been to Japan, Hong Kong and Australia too….

Yes, Mr. Suzuki, you’re a capitalist who enjoys wealth, travel and activities that emit lots of carbon dioxide. You’re not the environmentalist you claim to be.”

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9 thoughts on “Suzuki – A capitalist who enjoys wealth, travel & activities that emit lots of CO2”

  1. Suzuki is a hypocrite.
    Some years ago in a letter to a Vancouver newspaper, a HS biology teacher, wrote that in the late 1970s Suzuki wanted $7,000. To address his school on environmental issues.
    His house is in one of the highest-priced streets in Vancouver.
    On the ocean-side of Point Grey Road.
    Perhaps worth over $10 million.

  2. They’re all hypocrites, every last one of them. Do as I say, not as I do. They should all lead by example, and go jump off a bridge.

    • Today I passed by a hipster Whole Foods grocery in Portland, Oregon and I noticed they were selling Christmas trees. Apparently it hasn’t occurred to Whole Foods and their customers that Christmas trees go against the CO2-caused Global Warming credo. Why doesn’t someone protest, with a sign that says, “Christmas Trees Cause Global Warming”? Methinks they’re just waiting to be told what to do next by the Authorities they obey.

      • After the holidays, your Christmas trees can be a gift to goats. … “The goats can devour a tree in a matter of minutes. They get very excited!” Blue spruce, Douglas fir, Fraser fir, Scotch pine and white pine sans fake snow, ornaments and tinsel are among the evergreens that are safe for goats and sheep in moderation

  3. and the decent people like David Bellamy who died the last week get no praise and little mention.
    wgile self aggrandising twerps like suzuki hansen gore ehrlich mann and the rest make money fame and do as they please on YOUR money.

  4. My complaint is that to curb carbon emissions the easiest plan is to increase fuel costs, fares, electricity bills which the bullet train company must pay, and more besides, even the cost of meals and extras on the train.
    This means poor people will only be able to visit their parents once a year at Xmas. A filthy rich person can travel without worrying about ticket prices. But take the bulk of the 2nd class passengers away, you will need far less buses, trains, ships and planes. Except of course for commuters. They moved to distant locations when the cost of living was much cheaper. Now they end up paying a bigger and bigger proportion of their salaries on season tickets. It just isn’t fair at all.

    • Why curb carbon emissions at all? CO2 is not toxic or pollution. It’s essential for plants and down the food chain for animals and man … er.. person-kind.

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