Swamp Draining Will Expose Corrupt Climate Crocodiles

By Larry Bell – 12 Dec 2016

“Massively wealthy climate fear prophet and green government subsidy profiteer Al Gore finally has something real to be alarmed about. And yes, it’s quite the opposite of rising sea levels. Responding to President-elect Trump’s pledge to drain the Washington, D.C. swamp of corruption, their Dec. 5 meeting must have tracked lots of muddy footprints onto plush Trump Tower carpets.

“The discussion reportedly delved into murky science waters of manmade disaster concerning an inconvenient croc.”

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5 thoughts on “Swamp Draining Will Expose Corrupt Climate Crocodiles”

  1. err a croc(k) of doo doo ?
    😉 roflmao!!

    in Aus news
    the greentards n hands in the til powercos NOW want to spend a BILLION doallrs to run interconnectors from COAL n Gas fired interstate generators(profit much) to Sth Aus
    and we’re supposed to think its a bargain
    meanwhile papers say $150 a yr at least increased power costs now due to the shut down of our Victorian coal plant happening now.!
    already the highest priced power in aus
    maybe now the worlds highest.

  2. I remember when the increases in electricity costs began to bite politically here in Australia – mostly due to implementation of government policies supporting “renewable energy”.

    Forced through years of neglect and the ridiculous imposts “renewable energy” makes in order to stabilize the electricity grid to ensure reliable power one of our leaders commenced a tirade against the electricity grid managers accusing them of “gold plating” the grid for their personal profits.

    A smokescreen to deflect attention away from the usual costly and absurd attempts to control the weather demanded by climate crazies.

    Reality was they were being forced to fix the grid due to the absurd nature of “renewable energy” and its destabilizing effects.

    Just shows how absurd politicians become when trying to influence public debate over something they have zero knowledge about.

    “Gold plating” grid insults when all they tried to do was prevent incidents like South Australia’s recent blackouts – which will only get worse without further wasted money to counter the destabilizing effects inherent in “renewable energy”.

    Stupid repetitive talk about “carbon pollution” when referring to the basic building block of life based on some absurd unproven hypothesis the inventor of which saw as being beneficial to humanity anyway.

    Our politicians are sheep incapable of rational thought – aren’t a lot of people expecting a lot from one man ?

    The potential for disappointment in Trump is huge now – he has stirred up a lot of angst in the political establishment in a myriad of ways.

    • The people that voted for change are in reality the swamp drainers (it is a movement unseen since the days post A.D..
      One can hear the air sucked out of the elites breaths here in the states! The people have spoken and believe me, when the American people get behind a president as we will Mr. Trump, not just the elite here will be slithering into any available hole, but many of the global worshipers abroad will be very careful how they approach the U.S. now.
      When the Supreme Court Justices are properly installed again and the constitution is being patched where the holes have been punched, believe me if one does not like the U.S. flag and wants to fly another that one had better put on a flack jacket and helmet because WE THE PEOPLE are tired of it! If you want to fly another flag and promote another government it would be best to go that the country that flies the flag you represent.
      The potential for a Republic to flourish again is huge now and the only thing to stop it would be a civil war. It has gone much to far to be stopped now! Most countries that are not allowed weapons to arm themselves with have a hard time visualizing that this nation can put down a foreign army without using our regular army, however, that is not suppose to be THE PEOPLES job. We The People that voted Mr. Trump into office will gladly lay down our lives defending that which we have in common with him, let us pray that is not what it comes to.
      It came close, very close.

      Good Day

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