Swarm of 700+ Quakes 30 Miles West of Reno since August

More than 30 small quakes have struck just during  the last week, said Ken Smith, seismic network manager for the Nevada Seismological Lab.

Most of the quakes occurred 18 miles or more below the surface, and are so minor – the largest was about magnitude 1.8 – that Smith thinks they have little chance of being felt at the surface.

Seismologists can’t say with certainty what is happening, but it appears the quakes are being caused by moving magma.

These quakes appear similar to the swarm of quakes that struck under Lake Tahoe in 2003, which were later determined likely to be deep magma injection, Smith said.


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6 thoughts on “Swarm of 700+ Quakes 30 Miles West of Reno since August”

  1. If there is a big earthquake in the Tahoe area there could be a sizable tsunami.
    Just think of Lake Tahoe like a big bowl of water, one big jolt and the water sloshes up one bank and back down and then sloshes up the opposite bank…. Back and forth … back and forth. Geologic evidence show that this has happened before.

  2. uh silly me I didnt save a link…read about a pile of quakes occurring near a huge reservoir/dam in usa, seems the monitoring chaps removed over half of reported shakes?
    very odd?
    the blogger had saved prior reports..handy.
    will see if I can relocate it.

  3. I wonder if instead of magma movements its the weakening magnetic field and moving magnetic pole. If the crust is a jumble of variously aligned pieces the magnetic forces keep them from shifting until that overriding force weakens too much.

  4. How are these swarm of earthquakes going to effect the super volcano at Longs Valley Caldera near Mono Lake.

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