Sweden’s reindeer on the verge of extinction because it’s too cold

Experts blame a sustained freeze throughout spring. Also, their food sources are still covered in thick snow

Famous for their survival in Arctic conditions, Sweden’s reindeer have been struggling to find food on their mountainside habitats which are still covered in thick snow, says this article in the Austrian Times.

“We’ve had bad years before but we are really worried how this will work out. “I’ve already started finding dead reindeer calves on the mountain,” said herder Mikael Jonsson from Rans Sami village.

Experts blame a sustained freeze throughout spring and a growth in numbers of predators like foxes and birds of prey like sea eagles.


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8 thoughts on “Sweden’s reindeer on the verge of extinction because it’s too cold”

    • and that!!! is the point..
      once they would simply have migrated seasonally, now theyre confined to certain designated wildlife places and cannot get to the food elsewhere.
      FFS! its not too bloody hard to drop food out for the poor buggers.
      by air if need be! bales of hay will get them through it and provide a little shelter for the young as well.
      but no its easier to blather on its AGW caused…while taking funds to maintain restrictive parks.
      greentard stupidity once again.

    • yep, and if the end of the Holocene is upon us…….so will we.

      150 million+ people migrating to the southern USA and Mexico……sounds cozy!

  1. The polar bears are dying because the ice is melting. The reindeer are dying because there is too much ice. I do believe my head is going to explode.

  2. Well maybe Santa is hiring? Must be kind of like joining the army for reindeer though. But still, it beats starving.

  3. No mention of this in MSM

    I’m guessing that’s because Polar Bears are cute cuddly little critters while reindeer are fierce monsters ???

    Just ask those British campers who met a polar bear.

  4. Now someone will turn the news upside down and will say that raindeer die because it is too hot…

  5. Where is Al Gore and the World Wildlife Fund on this. It seems they are awful quiet about this. All the Swedish government has do to prevent this is place bags of grain and bundles of hay where the reindeer will find and eat it. Oh I forgot the Swedish government is a do nothing socialist government. They didn’t do anything to prevent the Muslim refugee gangs from forcing the Jews out of the city of Malmo. So they won’t do anything on this either.

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