Sweden – DMI predicts coldest winter in years

Sweden could be set for its coldest winter in years with snow aplenty according to the Danish Meteorology Institute (DMI).

17 Oct 2016 – The DMI’s new three month forecast highlights the possibility of snow and cold air across Scandinavia in December and January following an uneventful November.

The forecast included the caveat that “winter predictions are prone to change.”


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7 thoughts on “Sweden – DMI predicts coldest winter in years

  1. More evidence that the solar induced NAO is already underway.
    With most of Northern Europe to expect an easterly flow for most of the winter, Southern Europe will get the Wet stormy weather which normally moves over the UK into the Baltic states.
    The current synoptic chart for this week is an early rehearsal of the Late Winter weather, I’m glad it’s not January at the moment otherwise, we would be up to the neck in the wrong type of snow.
    NAO and PDO Winters are more likely during periods of Low or very low EUV hitting the atmosphere, happen during Solar Warm periods, like the one which ended in 2008, and the bottom of the Solar cycle. However, during Grand Solar Minimums the NAO and PDO can last for decades.
    Notice also, Solar Cycle 20 during the mid-1960s to early 1970s a decade long NAO and a period with significantly reduced EUV emitted from the Sun.

  2. Mainstream media and SMHI, the swedish meterology institute deny this and says that the winter will not be cold. In Sweden the Pope Al Gore and Church of Global Warming got many devoted followers all the way up in goverment. The swedes are probably the most brainwashed pepole in the entire world.

  3. I think a lot of the “coming winter will be cold” predictions are designed to bolster global warming beliefs.

    If they fail to materialize they become a target for ridicule – if they are right its just weather.

    Let’s just see what happens – and anything could happen – no one, especially the IPCC, actually knows.

    Thomas is obviously a fan of the Swedes – NOT.

    All the Swedes I’ve ever met are friendly and happy despite their country being a place where there is almost no summer.

    • June, July, and August are very pleasant in Sweden, high 60s to mid-70s, unlike the UK’s soggy summer monsoon.
      The only problem is after the miges hatch during mid-July they are a significant pain after 4pm in the evening. Their cousins infest the Scottish Highlands during the same period.

  4. “The swedes are probably the most brainwashed people in the entire world.” And it’s all because they’re doing what “feels” right at the moment. In my opinion that’s the root of the problem. They have to start using cold logic once in a while.

  5. Rosco I m a Swede and I love Sweden but belive me then I say this. Political corectness has taken over leftwing media and if you have an diverted opinion you are baned by media and establishment

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