Sweden – Expanding Sea Ice Leads To Icebreaker Recall

31 Aug 11 – “One problem with ‘global warming’ that scientists and journalists seem to gloss over is that it doesn’t seem to be, well, global,” says this article on autonomousmind.

Each summer the media makes a big deal of the extent of Arctic sea ice melt during the warmest months of the year, often proclaiming that all the Arctic ice will soon melt away while studiously ignoring the increasing extent of sea ice in the winter.

Consider the following little-reported story.

Last month, the Swedish government abruptly ended an ongoing agreement with the U.S. National Science Foundation that allowed NSF to lease Oden, the pride of the Swedish icebreaking fleet and also the world’s most capable polar-class research vessel.

After increasingly bitter winters resulted in more iced-over navigation passages, the Swedish government wrote to US Secretary of State, Hilary Clinton, to announce that the icebreaker Oden will be kept home and not made available to support the work of the US National Science Foundation (NSF) in Antarctica, for the first time since 2006. (See copy of that letter to Hillary here)

Why will the Oden be kept home?

Because the country’s two existing icebreakers cannot cope with the “difficult ice conditions” in the Gulf of Finland that have disrupted commercial shipping lanes around Sweden and the Baltic nations.

NSF has used the Oden each winter since 2006–07 to clear a path through the sea ice to resupply McMurdo Station, the largest scientific outpost in Antarctica, but this year the NSF will pay approximately $8 million to use the Russian icebreaker Ignatyuk.

Look at the height of this vessel!

It seems the National Science Foundation only has itself to blame for the position it found itself in, for the NSF is responsible for managing the U.S. icebreaking fleet.  Under NSF management the US icebreaking fleet has been ‘emasculated’.  The American fleet of icebreakers numbers three – for now – with one of those scheduled to be decommissioned soon.

Why did the NSF not properly maintain the US icebreaking fleet?  Could it be the faith in its own belief that global warming is reducing ice cover and therefore spending money on icebreakers would be a waste?

The fact that no newspaper appears to have reported this very important story begs the question: Is there a media agenda to avoid stories that might cast doubt on the idea of human-caused global warming?

See entire great article, originally entitled “Reality of sea ice is starting to bite”
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7 thoughts on “Sweden – Expanding Sea Ice Leads To Icebreaker Recall”

  1. The shortsighted fools! They are blindly leading us all to oblivion with their narrow-minded and steadfast stance that the global warming myth is reality.

  2. Perhaps that is what they want – oblivion. One of the main agendas of the world controllers is human population reduction.

  3. While I can understand the need to bring our population down to managable, sustainable levels – closing your mind to the reality of our current world is not, perhaps, the best way to go about it. Failure to observe the frostbite on your nose does not make it turn into sunburn.

  4. Intelligent leaders cover all bases. As an example, battleships weren’t retired as soon as they would not be the mainstay of the navy. You don’t throw away the snow tires as soon as you start experiencing a January thaw. You always, always, cover all possible bases as long as there is even a small chance that what you are expecting is not going to happen.

    We are either blessed with ignorant leaders, which I doubt, or we are being placed in a position where the only out will in fact be massive depopulation. All of us that qualify as “useless eaters” need to be pruned from “spaceship Earth according to the rich and powerful.” There is no place there for us.

  5. And yet another perfect example of climatic cooling and expanding ice in recent years – and this isn’t the first time. I didn’t hear this mentioned anywhere else – especially not from the useless TV set these days. Keep up the great work !!

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