Sweden – Number of Covid deaths plummeting even as the number cases rises

Similar pattern in the United States! Number of deaths declining rapidly.


In case you weren’t aware of this, Sweden refused to go into a lockdown mode. Restaurants remained open, bars remained open, the entire country remained open, all because Swedish authorities decided to let the virus run its course. They expected the country to reach what is known as “herd immunity.” And they succeeded!

At first, coronavirus cases rose quite rapidly, as expected. But even as the number of new cases continued climbing, the number deaths began declining. I don’t know that the proper word is “plummeting,” but as you can see from the graph below, the decline is very pronounced.

“Over the past ten weeks, the number of daily reported COVID-19 cases in Sweden has more than doubled, yet the number of deaths has plummeted,” writes Tony Heller. “The vast majority of deaths in Sweden were the result of nursing homes getting infected.”

“Their strategy has been to get the low risk population exposed so that they can reach herd immunity, so more cases is to be expected.”

Sweden Coronavirus: 67,667 Cases and 5,310 Deaths – Worldometer

“The same pattern is occurring in the US,” says Tony. The number of daily deaths is declining markedly.

United States Coronavirus: 2,681,811 Cases and 128,783 Deaths – Worldometer

The point here is that the number of new cases is meaningless propaganda. Many of those new cases came as a result of more testing, and many more came from what I consider fraudulent reporting.

And, as reader Michael Jenkins correctly points out, “even the death rate reported is, in all likelihood, grossly exaggerated.”

Forget the number of “new cases.” What we need to keep our eyes on is the death rate.

See more from Tony Heller:

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  1. And, he might have added, even the death rate reported is, in all likelihood, grossly exaggerated.

    Where I am, in southwest Utah (population 252,000 for a 5-county area), an approach somewhat similar to Sweden’s was followed, though we started with a near total lock-down but soon allowed most businesses to re-open, with restrictions. The main emphasis was on protecting nursing homes, where residents were required to remain in their rooms and have food brought to them, which worked well for about 3 months, but the virus finally got into 3 nursing homes recently and caused several of the 11 deaths we have had to date from the virus. Still, we’ve had a very low death rate of 0.043% (4.3 per hundred thousand population.) That compares to 62 per 100,000 in Michigan, and about 15 in California. While the number of cases has increased greatly, the 6 hospitals in this region only have 20 hospitalizations for COVID currently, though many people who avoided going to their doctors or hospitals with other illnesses, out of fear, are now “SUPERSICK” and beginning to fill up the ICUs, which were virtually empty for months. That is some of the “collateral damage” of the fear campaign.

    • How dare the Swinish Swedes and those western hicks out in Utah ride out this lethal crisis comfortably, while our poor ghetto-dwellers in the inner-cities have to forego their usual looting, pillaging, rioting, raping and mugging for the duration of the crisis.

  2. And new “cases” simply means new people discovered to already have, or soon to have immunity.

  3. Robert,

    Here’s a link to a great article by a doctor on the numerous studies that have shown wearing a mask (surgical or N95) does nothing to prevent transmission of viruses.

    Interestingly, the article cites someone who discover the R0 of viruses is directly correlated with ambient humidity.

    A correlation between global pandemics and minimum sun spot activity throughout history could be lower temp, lower humidity.


  4. If you test negative days after having tested positive, do they reduce the infected total accordingly?

  5. Are you aware that Sweden has recently revised the last 3 weeks of COVID-19 deaths on worldometers?
    They have lowered them by up to 90%.
    Last week the 17th of june had 102 deaths, it now has 31.
    The 22nd of June had 69 deaths and now has 18.
    The 24th had 48 and now has 21.
    The 26th had 50 and now has 2.

    I wonder why they would do that?

    ps Worldindat still shows some of the old values, but were originally slightly different.

    • They are being honest. LOL. The stats are all meaningless. If you look at the CDC webpage table 2 deaths. The number the US media is citing is “Deaths involving Pneumonia with or without Covid excluding Influenza”. The July 2nd update shows 123,177. The other is “Deaths involving Covid-19” and this number is 112,700. There is no column for Deaths due to covid-19. They have no count. They have actually done few autopsies of covid patients. A lot of issues with the hospitals and care homes. They are just now starting to treat patients again after becoming coronavirus only focused. Family members have not been able to monitor and help guide care. There are certainly a lot of indications that very poor care was given in NYC particularly in the Bronx and Queens districts. There seems to have been a wide disparity in treatment between the poor (intubate and pray for a miracle) and the rich (Math+ treatment protocol). The USA has seen a 5 percent increase in above average deaths for the year. I don’t believe that is all covid related. Poor hospital care and the shutdown of normal hospital care and poor treatment of the elderly in nursing homes contributed. Does anybody know what happened in Japan? LOL. They were hoping to have the Olympics this summer and seemed to have ignored it and downplayed it until it became clear they had to cancel. Only at that point did they even start playing the game and only half halfheartedly when other countries started complaining. Somehow the coronavirus doesn’t seem to have had much impact there. https://foreignpolicy.com/2020/05/14/japan-coronavirus-pandemic-lockdown-testing/

  6. the really at risk got killed early, on following deaths will mostly be with other isues but not as crook to start with Id guess.
    Vic went frm near none to 89+ found thursday
    so parts of the state locked down again
    utter fools who wont be tested for their own safety as well as other are annoying, and yes false+ are possible but you can request retest 3 days later ffs!
    were seeing kids to kids n teacher
    and teacher to teacher now.
    so there goes the kids arent a carrier theory.
    couldnt see why they wouldnt be theyre the biggest source to give colds n flu every year.
    from 1 in icu now up to 8 and more IN hospitals
    seems the security gaurds at hotel quarantine were moonlighting as uber drivers WHILE being paid to be at work
    sleeping with the returned travellers etc
    utter debacle
    with luck itwill get the premier outed and the utterly useless healthminister sacked asap.

  7. Quote: “The vast majority of deaths in Sweden were the result of nursing homes getting infected.”
    In the UK the same happened but via a standard practise the UK NHS follows each year to release acute beds. Its call Winter Flu bed clearing from Dec to April. It’s a practise of using HMG and NHS funds to place NHS elderly bed blockers into Care Homes at a fixed cost releasing the far more expensive to operate acute bed. The problem this winter was those “medically fit” but with a “cold” where moved into an uninfected Care Home infecting them with COVID-19. In one documented case over half the residents then died of COVID-19. The virus is lethal to end of life patients, with blood disorders, and drug dependencies which reduce their immunity for example steroids. It is also highly infectious, with the patient able to infect others within hours of their own infection.

  8. Certainly makes sense from a herd immunity perspective! But, those driving the ship aren’t interested in facts or truth, only manipulation to serve their agendas! And, sadly, there are a lot of sheep, for them to prey upon!

  9. See https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xBwTG6lDYDU in which something is said about testing covid19. Why testingt isn’t secure and a lot more. It can’t be proved that wearing a mask will help, only in a specific cases. Behavioral scientists are in the background of WHO and from these people I like to hear how and what they are thinking.

  10. “Sweden – Number of Covid deaths plummeting even as the number cases rises “

    Yes indeed,
    and I would expect that by September/October this infection would have run it’s NATURAL course in Sweden. The number of new Swedish infections and deaths will be very close to zero by that time. No second wave, no more hurt and few, if any, new deaths — that is the normal outcome with new infections! Nature kills-off the weak and vulnerable, while those that remain will have some measure of herd immunity for a time.

    Meanwhile for the rest of the locked-out world, infection rates and death rates will continue to plot their erratic way until well into next year. Flattening the curve means that you maximize the time that the infection stays around thus artificially making a ‘vaccine’ seem more required.

  11. At the beginning, in March or so, one wondered how it would turn out for Sweden, they themselves were not quite sure about that.
    Now the results are in: The pandemic is fizzling out, then you see all the same death curves going down steadfastly for most European countries. The US is in the same situation and could be death-free in a couple weeks.
    What’s happening is this: in spite of increasing cases of infection, the Virus has lost its strength and has stopped killing people altogether.
    Soooooooo… Thank you Sweden! Now we know Covid-19 was not the monster it was advertised to be, and there was no reason to destroy the world economy and millions of businesses. The Globalists who are laughing their heart content while raking in Billions of dollars should be rounded up, their assests conficated and sent to Guantanamo for the rest of their lives.

    For other countries like India, Russia or Brazi, the number of daily deaths is not increasing exponentially but is rather constant

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