Swedes vote climate policy biggest waste of tax payer money in 2019

I wonder what they think of Greta?

In 2014, the Swedish national government spent 5.2 billion Swedish krona (£419 million/$547 million), a number that has more than doubled to 12.6 billion krona (£1 billion/$1.3 billion) for the planned 2020 budget.

“The government has more than doubled the appropriations for climate policy, but despite this, emissions no longer decrease. In 2018, emissions even increased. That is why climate policy has been voted the worst waste of the year,” Johan Gustafsson, Waste Ombudsman at the Taxpayers’ Association, said.

“Too much tax money is wasted without benefit to those who pay. It is no less important that money has an effect when it is invested in something that is important — rather the opposite,” he added.

In second place in the poll was a project focused on art for earthworms and fungi.


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9 thoughts on “Swedes vote climate policy biggest waste of tax payer money in 2019”

  1. But will that vote have any effect on their policymakers? In the West, the two have become divorced.

    As for Greta, a youtube viewer commented that when the GSM sinks in with her, we will have to call her

    • Should be, “I wonder what the world thinks of Greta’s parents and the globalist puppetmasters turning this autistic child into a Climate Change CO2 hoax propaganda Grouchy Grinch puppet.

      “Another national/globalist embarrassment probably. One of many.” – not likely – Governments/Globalists are never shamed, ever. (((They))) are probably eating “pizza” at Obama’s villa with Jeffrey, Soros, Prince (yes that Prince), Joan Rivers and Prince Andrew right now having a laugh while thinking up what public Idiocracy stunts they can pull off next to entertain/distract the masses from all the “hot weather” with the unlimited ones and zeros cash machine. Buy food now for extended playtime on the big ranchball ’cause….

      Baby it’s getting snowier and colder outside:

  2. We could ask St Greta her view but then we now know her Facebook page is not written by her so we won’t find out what she thinks – assuming she even can think. Her hilarious stumbling performance when asked a question at the recent COP suggests probably not.

  3. Now it has become very clear that the pr campaigns of the greens are rather succesfull. Climate Change has been put definitely synonymous to Climate Change caused by humans. Thanks to the UN, WEF, politicians and scientists. Up to now it wasn’t so clear but the victory of the greens has changed their mood into a winning mood. A lot of bogus is spread into media, even shit has become a subject and a subcause of Climate Change. I myself don’t bother whenever it is getting colder neither warmer. Whatever will happen, some humans will survive and some not. Not surviving isn’t the mindset, it is out of order to most of us. Hence scientists are asked for solutions and they will offer them. Once the trend will change in the same as it was getting warmer unless vulcanic eruptions will happen

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