Swedish Govt  Telling Citizens To Eat Mealworms To End Climate Change

Spending millions persuading people to eat insect “meat”.
“Among the mouth-watering projects being funded are an attempt to produce a “good and healthy product from mealworms which are fed on vegetable food scraps to become a climate friendly source of protein”, “food prototypes” made from “refined mealworms”, and mincemeat made out of “climate smart insects” such as crickets.”

Cooked meal worms
Cooked meal worms

http://www.activistpost.com/2016/04/swedish-govt-spends-millions-telling-citizens-to-eat-i nsect-meat-to-end-climate-change.html

Thanks to Norm Smith for this link

“The dinner plate of worms sprinkled with chives, is like something from theonion.com,” says Norm. “Un-freaking-believable.”

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  1. I think the creator of this article needs to eat his own brain for writing such silliness!

  2. Lmao ! Whats next? Need to start drinking more fluids because that causes their piss to turn clear which contains more chemicals then yellow piss which release more co2! Just wow!

  3. If true..they have officially crossed over into cuckoo-cloudland. When will people wake up and toss these clowns into the street?

  4. Citizens should demand their government officials sit down to a full plate on tv and consume a yummie plate first.
    No doubt the policy would be shelved for “review”.

  5. Sweden has about nine and a half million people. It’s the 90th most populous country in the world. The population of Los Angeles County, CA is greater. If everyone in Sweden stopped eating altogether, starved to death, and gave the place back to the reindeer, it would have no measurable effect whatsoever on climate change.

    • totally agree Harold. its so sad to see this type of cr@p even being suggested. maybe get some of your own ducks and chickens – and put people off the menu!

  6. How many of these stories does it take before a Global Warming Kool-Aid drinker feels like an idiot.

  7. Just looking at that picture makes me want to vomit… I guess you could call that the new Swedish diet?

    • At the San Diego Wild Animal Park (copark, and better park to the San Diego Zoo) they gave out sample worms and crickets.

      The worms are deep fried and coated in Dorito cheese powder, not bad tasting nice crunch, but deep fried worm may as well be a pork find. The cricket was coated in a lemon flavor, and well hard to describe, but it wasn’t very good. Crickets if prepared correctly can be Kosher.

      Not advocating, as I said above – feed a cow for me, leave the worms out of it.

  8. Mealworms aren’t fed scraps – we don’t have scraps in this day and age with modern processing. Everything is used.

    Mealworms like to eat grains and grain flour. I understand that the Eco nuts think if we are closer to the food – we eat the flour instead of the cow, that we would need less energy per unit of food input, but if I feed grain “scraps” to a worm instead of a cow, we end up with the same problem, converting the plant energy to “meat,” no matter what form, causes a 90% loss in energy. And those few carrot shavings in the sink, don’t really amount to much of anything,in the scheme of things – even if you could get the worm to eat it instead of the “meal” for which it is named.

    Personally I would rather eat the cow.

  9. How revolting!!! Just shows you how far these warmists will go with their devotion to their global warming religion.

  10. This is obviously the proof that these “climate change” fanatics are clinically insane. It is about time that something medical was done to treat their delinquency. They can eat such worms if they want to. But what worries me is that they would force us to eat such disgusting insects and worms. Such worms and insects are only suitable as food for animals. I am not an animal. I am a human being. Muslims refuse to eat pork on the grounds that pork is unclean. I eat pork but for me I draw the line when it comes to eating insects and worms. In my mind such insects and worms are unclean. Unhealthy. Disease infected. Sure to cause illnesses. If I had to choose between eating human flesh or eating such worms and insects then I would definitely prefer to eat the human flesh. The world is over populated. So maybe we need to start putting human flesh on sale at the butchers ? Actually I am thinking to become a vegetarian. I will live on muesli for breakfast then fruits and vegetables. Italian style spaghetti will be my most common dinner dish.

  11. Isn’t this what all those futuristic novels use for food, meat cubes, meat paste, or synthetic protein (obviously this isn’t but.) They can raise the meal worms, then process them like hamburger meat into any shape, add some flavor and viola, prime rib! – Not looking forward to the future.

  12. So now we are going to have huge mealwork farms producing more CO2 & Methane than cattle. And the energy needed to produce and package them? How will we feed them? Can’t stick ’em in a field? So another stupid idea not thought through properly and unworkable. Whats the point in us spending small fortunes on electric cars when India, China and some European nations are building new coal fired power stations and will innevitably produce more CO2 than they ever did before, negating any lowering CO2 levels that we manage, not that it matters one jot! How will these mealworm muching imbeciles charge their beloved electric wet-dreams when the wind stops blowing and their windmills stop turning….hmmmm?

  13. I read and follow the food industry webpages
    due to the apiary side of my interests etc
    this has been going for some time globally among the food/feed clusters
    sneaking the mealworms in as flour is THE most prevalent idea
    crickets also are seen as able to be accepted
    only a select few idiots but thats enough for their media promos.
    mealworms come from the long skinny “clickbeetles” like a giant weevil
    they feed up on bran normally so theyre reasonable clean gut wise
    however bran can and does grow some moulds etc
    I know this because I bred mealworms for fish/ turtle /frog and bird food sales in my petshop
    crickets like lettuce n carrot n apple mainly.
    yes I bred them too:-)
    whats rather interesting is?
    the EU has JUST approved of bugs n bug meal to be added to fish feed and for chooks etc
    theyve been pushing the human edible side even more heavily.
    as an aside but interesting(Ithink) tale
    here in Victoria aus we are NOT allowed to catch and eat Yabbies UNLESS we take them to a special approved spot that flushes their gut with a clean water supply for some days
    then we can collect and take to cook
    at a cost of course
    however Yabbies from rivers and dams a short way over our border are imported raw or cooked and sold with NO such idiocy required.
    because some young labrat govvy worker found a rare and obscure toxic buggly(they say) in ONE yabby on one batch .
    no one eats them raw theyre always well boiled
    the chance to control tax and ruin private and commercial small scale suppliers in this state was too good to miss it seems.

    theres no way that one bug cricket or their food is NOT going to develop a bacterium or mycotoxin at some time along the chain..
    theres a lot of trouble already in pelletised animal feeds
    and the odd case for human supplies
    the odds of a bugbased outbreak?
    pretty good I reckon.
    and for a heave ho “native australian meal”??
    I grabbed a native food cookbook
    their recipie for Bogong Moth spaghetti was..
    serving spaghetti with panfried moths(theyre BIG like an inch or more and HUGE windspan all fluffly) tossed live into butter n garlic then tossed through the spaghetti..seriously! its meant for real..
    so all the grey hair/fluff and huge winged bugs on a plate is shown as a serving suggestion!
    my dogs wouldnt eat that!
    my chickens would;-)

    • oh I forgot
      some years ago now and probably IN your food already was the idea to use CHITIN aka bug wings n shells to be added to crumbing on fried foods
      to make it crunchier and up the protien count
      also to use waste from??? dunno…what bugbased industry they had in mind back then…
      prawn shells inc the drugs theyre swimming in(commercial hatcheries) and chem they use to up the red colour are sold to pharmas to make your so called joint health formulas ..as well as oyster n other waste.
      what goes into commercial foodstuffs truly IS stuff of nightmares if your in the know.

  14. ha ha… so the question is – are they “gluten free”? Because if they are there are likely some “Millennials” who are self diagnosed with gluten intolerance (not people who really are) might think they were good. Or grind em up and put them in an “energy drink”?

    • The energy drink idea is good. Lord knows there are people out there that would buy into it…

    • Of course their gluten free, feeding them high opiated wheat would be cruelty to mealworms, plus those worms are non gmo, will be the diet of agwers because no ones gonna give em any food.

  15. I know a fella who went to Thailand to find a wife. He saw a woman eating a bug and promptly threw up on the sidewalk! Lol! It’s part of their culture and common practice.

    All depends what you grow up with. Young people will do anything, and that’s where these nutbugs will probably start with their indoctrination. I’m not planning on eating any bugs anytime soon, tho I’ve wondered about grasshoppers and if we run out of food. . . still rather put the hopper on a hook and try to catch a fish!

    If you look at it another way, it’s an excellent way to cut down on the insect population. I always wondered why, in Biblical times, when a swarm of locusts came to eat the crops, they didn’t just put out huge nets to catch them and fry them up for dinner! Turnabout is fair play! After all, John the Baptist lived on locusts and honey in the desert.

  16. Perhaps it is time for Europe to have a new ground war to help weed-out the current hideous gene pool that comes up with such stupid ideas.

  17. I’ve eaten “French fried” meal worms in Thailand, very popular, not bad, taste kinda like French fried potatoes with a little less flavor, street vendors all over, but I still prefer a good Porterhouse medium rare.

    The climate has been changing all the time for hundreds of millions of years, maybe billions, as long as there has been an atmosphere, the fact that millions of people all over the world believe that climate change is our fault and we can make it stop is conclusive proof of the innate delusionality of the human species.

  18. “refined mealworms” ?


    And you know what, those Swedes will “eat” worms, and ya know why…



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