Swiss ski area claims 9 ft of snow in 3 days

Second Swiss ski area reports almost 12 feet in 7 days.

Huge snowfalls in the Alps have continued through the past 10 days and Eastern Switzerland seems to be at the heart of the perfect snow storm.

The Eastern Swiss ski area, Toggenburg, reports that 270cm (nine feet) of snow has fallen in the past 72 hours.

A second Eastern Swiss ski area, Les Paccots, claims to have received 3.5 meters (11′-8″) of snowfall over the past seven days, in some cases up to a meter (more than 3 ft) in 24 hours.

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5 thoughts on “Swiss ski area claims 9 ft of snow in 3 days”

  1. looking like this might be another..dig out the houses year for eu???
    wonder how long it will take em to wake up?
    meanwhile i hear BHP now NOT the big australian but os owned..plans to harrass anyone it uses for supplies or services if they dont have UN \sanctioned GREEN views and approvals.
    what an argument for imported chinese metals:-)

  2. looks like kids in Switzerland will still know what snow is in 75 years from now, even if teachers are screaming in their faces that snow is a thing of the past because of their mom’s evil SUV!

  3. Also, they are going on and on about how hot the oceans are, however, the Southern Hemisphere looks to be about half and half departure from average, so, average. When we are done with winter it could be a different picture in the Northern Hemisphere too.

  4. Very early, But that is how Alpine Glaciers gain ice mass during Grand Solar Minimums and advance down the valleys.
    Within ten years Alpine nations will be complaining of villages being crushed by Ice advances, due to AGW .NOT.

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