Swiss Valley of Engadin blanketed in snow

Swiss Valley of Engadin blanketed in snow

Engadin, famous for its sunny climate, is usually packed with guests at this time of year enjoying the landscapes and outdoor activities.

The freak weather conditions continued in Europe this weekend when residents living in the Swiss Valley of Engadin awoke to discover the entire region blanketed in snow.

Some high Valley roads were temporarily closed because of the snow.

For the rest of the week weather experts in Switzerland predict similar extremes with more snow and rain.

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8 thoughts on “Swiss Valley of Engadin blanketed in snow”

  1. Interesting the same publication ran this story ( They write:

    “Entire plantations of Christmas trees were wiped out by unexpected below zero temperatures. They joined fruit farms, strawberry growers, even onion harvests – that were all crippled by the late frost.”

    And yet “global warming” is so pounded into people’s heads they see this is as evidence of their case. We live in strange times.

  2. 8 days to the Summer solstice, then the nights start drawing in. Just something to think about.

    • Yeah – but don’t forget the delay associated with both warming and cooling.

      July and August are usually warmer than June and where I am – cooler.

      Just as February here – more than a month past our summer solstice – is usually hotter.

  3. As I wrote you some days ago in the plateau of Cansiglio in the northeastern italian Alps deers were spotted for the first time. These mountains face the plain and are not higher than 1000 m above sea level. This is the southernmost (and probably the lowest) deer area of the entire Alps. Something is getting colder…

  4. There are already hints of Autumnal type weather formations in Nor Cal. It is currently colder than normal, and we are in the midst of yet another CAA event. This weekend a cut off low is supposed to set up a Santa Ana / Offshore Wind event. You could almost imagine that it is October.

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