Switzerland – One of the coldest 10-day spells for April in almost 20 years

In some areas, one of the coldest for the last 30 years.

“Periode de froid remarquable pour le mois d’avril 2021,” reads the headline.

In Switzerland, the first half of April was characterized by very low minimum temperatures with frequent frosts at ground level and snowfall down to low altitude north of the Alps. Regionally, the average minimum temperature over the past ten days was the lowest for April in almost 20 years.

Minimum temperatures were particularly low in western and northwestern Switzerland, along the central slope of the Northern Alps, in Valais and Ticino.

Not so cold for a long time

For many measurement sites, a period of 10 days colder than the one we just experienced in April last occurred in 2003.

In Lugano, for example, the average daily minimum temperature between April 4 and April 13 was 5.5 ° C. Such a cold spell in April had not occurred. since 2003. With 5.0 ° C, it is also a very cold period for Locarno Monti, although the same value was recorded in 2013.

One of the coldest for the last 30 years

For the La Chaux-de-Fonds measurement station, the average minimum for the last 10 days was -3.8 ° C, one of the coldest for the last 30 years. The lowest value was recorded in April 1991.

Even at higher altitudes, average minimum temperatures have been very low. On the Säntis, for example, the average daily minimum between April 4 and April 13 was -11.3 ° C, the lowest value in many years.


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5 thoughts on “Switzerland – One of the coldest 10-day spells for April in almost 20 years”

  1. It’s certainly NOT getting warmer these days! It’s quite the opposite in recent decades.

  2. Funny that I have posted a similar comment on that official Swiss meteo site, just to see a couple of other individuals asking for such “skeptical” messages to be banned, as they promote “disinformation” and confuse weather with climate. Yet they are the first to cry whenever a hot event is reported, or to ignore climate trends longer than just the last 30 years.

    The woke generation is upon us indeed.

  3. Not just in Switzerland. Here in Scotland it has been very cold all 17 days of April so far with a few days a bit warmer but mostly very cold. On the 13th April it was minus 5C where I live and that is on the East coast of Scotland. Every night has shown frost and ice for the past two weeks and more! What is going on? The temperature is not getting higher than 9-10C max and we have had days where the temp only reached 5-6C in the daytime on the 5th April. If this cold weather continues down from the Arctic the crops will fail to grow. If the temps are so low where I live at sea level then in the mountains the temperatures must have been much lower during this same time. The big question is Why is this happening right now all over the Northern Hemisphere? Is an Ice-Age emerging right before our eyes. Only time will tell! https://www.outofthebottomlesspit.co.uk/447797200

    • Stephen – why did it happen in 1990? Because it did, and we haven’t had an ice age the past 30 years, have we?

      Reality is that every generation there are one or two years with very cold Aprils. If you go read the seminal writings of the late Adam Watson Jnr (famed for popularising ski tours in the Cairngorms), you will read about an April in the late 1950s with enormous amounts of snow still on the mountains, to relatively low altitudes .

      We are all still alive, aren’t we? Couldn’t have been if all the crops failed. Aberdeenshire farmer reported at Piers Corbyn’s blog that sowing was going ahead well on his farm because the dry weather had ‘dried out the soil really well’: so it’s not just temperature, rather soil moisture that needs to be correct for seed sowing to take place….

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