“Since 1981, as a cold night has not been seen.” 

“Im Bündnerland könnte in der Nacht auf Donnerstag der ganze
Weinjahrgang 2016 kaputt gehen. Von der Kälte zerstört.”

translated: in the Bundner-region, this [Wednesday/Thursday] night
possibly the whole wine-grape harvest for 2016 may perish, due to frost.”

In the Grisons on Wednesday the whole wine year 2016th Destroyed by the cold. The winery therefore wanted help from the air, only unfortunately the helicopter flights were not approved by the federal government.

Such a cold night and the end of April, it has not existed long: minus one degree in Malans, Fläsch and Maienfeld, minus two degrees in Jenin. Frost is forecast. 

Not only do people feel cold, but also the vines: “At these temperatures, a crop failure between 30 and 80 percent threatened us,” said Leonhard Kunz from the office Graubünden wine. A horror night for all wineries was imminent: “Since 1981, as a cold night has not been seen.” The frost makes the vines no longer able to grow.


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  1. so what a$$hole with green leanings stymied the helicopter to stir air use, I wonder?
    at a good guess someone with links to glencore or similar bigagri wheeler dealer trader linkages.
    they made billions panicking Russia over wheat harvest outcomes about 3 or 4 yrs ago.

  2. So cold weather is not good for vines as you can lose large amounts of your crop. Meanwhile, warmer weather according to California growers makes the grapes sweeter with a higher sugar content that causes a small problem of increasing the alcohol content of the final wine. Any votes for which problem you would rather have?

    • Which is why California growers remove excess alcohol and see it as a by-product. Grape fermenting can produces wines up to 14.5 %. most retail California wines are around the 9.5% alcohol content.

  3. 30-80% crop loss. If this keeps happening to more types of crops this may be the year, might not even take a volcano. John Casey has now stated that no matter who is president, when 30% of the wheat crop is gone food rationing will be announced to the public. Something to prepare for. I hear some of you say, keep your prepping a secret, now I wouldn’t go to the nearest ghetto and hand out cards, but work w/your neighbors & family and people who you trust. The more awareness the less the impact around you. I wonder how much wheat is now being grown in vulnerable areas? I can’t get too many to listen either and a lot look at you and even say in some round about way your a nutcase that’s been reading too much on the Internet, but their on Facebook so they hear it all first. MISTAKE!

    • Here is Imo, the best and cheapest grain mill, have used mine since 98. Always buy all stainless & capable of grinding popcorn, plastic housings crack. I have stored buckets of grains, must be rinsed vigorously to remove any bug eggs, then dried to at least 10 or 12 % moisture content for storage. Need food grade buckets & lids w/ good gasket. I put About 15 whole Bay leaves on top and sealed it-still edible 5 years later-no bugs. http://www.amazon.com/Back-basics-Hand-Grain-mill/dp/B000PCDTNI

  4. France too. “Early reports from the Loire were not hopeful. “In the memory of vignerons, there are two major freezes: 1991 and 1994. This is on the level of 1994. It’s historic,” said Guillaume Lapaque, director of the federation of the Indre-Loire wines trade group and the Bourgueil wine syndicate. “It froze on three nights–April 18, April 25 and then April 27.”
    Temperatures dipped below freezing in several of France’s prized central wine regions this week, striking both Burgundy and the Loire Valley. In the Côte d’Or, Chablis to the north and Côte Chalonnaise, frost arrived early on the morning of April 25 and again the next night and the morning of April 27, resulting in frost that damaged the newly formed buds. Farther west, central regions of the Loire Valley, including Chinon, Bourgueil and Vouvray, were similarly hit.

  5. So… what happens when it’s Kansas reporting the same, only insert ‘wheat’ where you see the word ‘wine’?
    Also- YouTube search SciShow Space, radioactive rain. Apparently main stream science is catching up with ‘nut jobs’ like Svensmark and LaViolette. “…and I said ‘how far to the point of no return?'”

  6. We grow grapes in NZ, and we are always worried about frosts at both ends of the season, but anyone can use helicopters without asking govt permission. We have big wind machines (diesel operated) that we use to mix the warmer air at the inversion layer with the colder air around the vines, and it’s very successful at preventing the temp dipping below freezing. Unfortunately for European grape growers, they are not allowed to use frost protection – or watering for that matter – and it will mean some years they will not get a crop.

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