Sydney – Wettest year-to-date in 18 years

Another soaking on the way.

24 Aug 2016 – “Six out of the last eight months have seen more rain than usual, bringing the running total for 2016 up to 1138mm as of 9am today,” says

“This is more than 200mm above the norm to this point in the year and only 77mm short of the annual average, with another four months of rain yet to fall.”

Thanks to Greg Salmond for this link

“Seems to be a lot of 18 year old (1998) records breaking recently,” says Greg. “Ah, of course, that was the last time we had an El Niño. At least the Aussies can’t complain of a drought this year, although they probably will.”

3 thoughts on “Sydney – Wettest year-to-date in 18 years”

  1. US Trade Deficit Shrinks On Biggest Spike In Food & Beverage Exports In History

    I’m sure this has nothing to do with record cold and late season rains. What will happen in a year or two when we cannot export because we need all we can grow? When it’s not enough for us? Under obama we now have zero strategic food reserves. Zero. People fighting in the streets for food? Build a greenhouse now. Do not hesitate.

  2. Ah, the 1998 El Nino that NASA made disappear from the temperature series. I found it interesting that a lot of snow and cold records that were being set in South America were not beating ones from 1998 or thereabouts. But then no two El Ninos are exactly the same.

  3. Sorry Greg but most of Australia was drought declared throughout the first six months of this El-Niño year – as is usual for this weather phenomenon.

    El-Niño brings drought and clear skies which allow the Sun to bake us. La-Niña brings cloud and rain here. As usual we are out of step with the Americas.

    Where I live we missed our usual summer drenching and have received far less than our average rainfall which is almost 2 metres per annum, hence the lack of rain is especially noticeable. However, most of Queensland has received winter rainfall through June to now which has probably broken the drought in most places.

    But I expect we’ll see east coast flooding return next summer when the El-Niño effect is totally gone, especially if a La-Niña develops – or maybe not – who knows.

    I don’t remember the 1998 El-Niño and how it affected our weather but I certainly noticed this one – probably because of all of the hottest year evah BS on TV – but is wasn’t pretty when the minimum wouldn’t drop below 25 C with high humidity with no rain for what seemed an eternity.

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