Syrian Refugee Camp in Lebanon Buried in Snow and Ice – Relief organization chairman blames ‘climate change’

Unusually cold and snowy weather has battered northeastern Lebanon affecting 250,000 Syrian refugees.

Even though hundreds of refugee camps and settlements have been devastated by the storm, and temperatures are below freezing, the chairman of the relief organization UOSSM used the occasion to blame ‘climate change’ (I assume he means human-caused global warming).

Syrian refugee camp buried in snow 8 Jan 2019 – Photo credit UOSSM

In a press release dated 8 Jan 2019, the Union of Medical Care and Relief Organizations (UOSSM) reported, in part:

The snowstorm “Norma” is battering Northeastern Lebanon with heavy snow, rain and strong winds affecting nearly 250,000 refugees. Hundreds of refugee camps and settlements in the area from the Akkar Plain to Bekaa Valley have been devastated by the storm. The camps house thousands of Syrian refugees in little more than tents and improvised wooden structures.…

…Flooding and heavy rains in Northern Syria, which started on December 26, have also devastated IDP camps across the region. Thousands of tents and the personal possessions of these IDPs were washed away, including medical supplies, wheel chairs and equipment. The people in these camps have lost what little they had left with no way of replacing them.

Dr. Hussam Al Fakir, Chairman of UOSSM International said, “Climate change has unleashed hellish conditions on the Syrian refugees in Lebanon. These families are living in tents, with all their clothes and possessions soaked and temperatures below freezing. Children, elderly, the infirm and vulnerable will not survive much longer without being moved to warm and dry locations. This is a humanitarian nightmare and will require an enormous coordinated effort to reach all of these camps in time.” (Emphasis added)

Who is UOSSM?

Syrian Refugee Camp in Lebanon Buried in Snow and Ice — Refugee Director Blames Global Warming (VIDEO)

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17 thoughts on “Syrian Refugee Camp in Lebanon Buried in Snow and Ice – Relief organization chairman blames ‘climate change’”

  1. He would be correct if he used the correct scientific terms – Solar Induced Cyclic Climate Change.
    The European and for that matter Eastern Mediterranean are littered since the 10th Century with similar winter events, normally between solar cycles, and more often during the decline of the first cycle of a Grand Solar Minimum like this modern one and during the whole of the following very weak solar cycle.
    It’s the Sun Stupid coupled with a failed attempt by an oppressed people to remove a dictator supported by Russia. Otherwise, the UN would not be looking after millions of refugees, they would be safe in their original homes.

  2. poor buggers, they proably can start to trickle back home if certain 1st world nations would get the hell out/stop providing weapons and help to isis etc
    assad mightnt be others favorite but prior to this the nation wasnt badly run or without decent facilities and support for its people

  3. sounds like a dumbass chairman to me. An idiot!
    I think he’s been listening to the Weather Channel too much!

    • No he is following the agreed upon UN propaganda script which he has to or lose his job. The same script is being followed by the BBC, ABC and most of the EU and US Mass media.
      The modern 5th columnists aren’t commandos sneaking in to cause damage to the State and to the people who create it, but left-educated mass media Journalists and tenured Academic freedom to teach student and our kid’s socialist propaganda, and they, the givers and creators of propaganda, are within the gates.

  4. It’s cold and snowy.. And they’re not slipping into the canard, “It’s Weather – Not Climate!” – They’re saying, “Climate!” .. So yes, The Climate’s Changing to the Cold.. AKA Climate Colding!

    • Grin! Cold is a binary end state, you have to cool to get there, and warm to get back.
      Colding dosent quite work LOL.

    • They have to watch Al Gore’s (sorry Al Jezeera’s) news shows to see how hot it everywhere (except where they are, of course.).

      And so they can be lectured as to how it is all Trump’s fault.

      • You are right Deon, CO2 is a unique gas, because it can be easily split into its component atoms by photosynthesis with its carbon being converted into plant sugars and its oxygen released into air or water dependent it being a water or land based plant.
        It is fundamental to all life, but as for Warming or cooling, it dose neither, it is however a proxy indicator for the temperature of our oceanic’s first 200m of depth, because it is water soluble it is also a lagging indicator of just how cold the LIA was during the 700 year LIA.
        Trillions of tons of CO2 where rained out in the Arctic ocean regions during the LIA period and sequestrated in the deep 500 year returning leg of the Oceanic overturning current, that excess LIA gas commenced outgassing in the Pacific during the late forties and has continued since, and will continue until 2420.

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