Syrian refugees escape the war, but freeze to death

On a rocky, plowed hillside last month, 17 Syrians froze to death in a night-time snowstorm while trying to cross the mountains into Lebanon.

The plan was for them to be driven to the border in private cars. From there, they would walk with the smugglers for half an hour into Lebanon, where they would be met by other cars.

But the smugglers abandoned the group when the snow began to fall. The group lost their way in the dark and the cold, and most of them died.

“The people who are walking across the mountains, and taking days to cross the mountains in the middle of winter, are a testament to the fact that Syria is not safe,” said Mike Bruce of the Norwegian Refugee Council.

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  1. I thought the UN’s mission was to bring peace to the world? I’d say they earn a big F for failure. Could it be that the UN and their New World Order is creating the misery to cause people to migrate to western countries?

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