Taiwan Tropical Snow Storm – Video

“Tropical vegetation covered in snow is becoming the new norm during winter in Taiwan.” Adapt 2030 video

6 Feb 2018 – Near freezing at night – in a tropical country.

Fish are cold-shocked to the point of losing entire aquaculture areas, so fish farms are feverishly pumping ground water to try to warm ponds.

Meteorologists calling it a rare snowfall indeed.

Single-digit temperatures, snow on high mountains and rain in low lying areas in northern Taiwan

6 centimeters of snow falls on Taipei’s Yangmingshan

Snow seen falling on Taipei’s Yangmingshan

Thanks to Ron de Haan and Jack Hydrazine for these links and video

4 thoughts on “Taiwan Tropical Snow Storm – Video”

  1. Hi 1st John, I live 1′ N of equator in SIngapore. We had 2 hailstorm events in a day, last week. Temparatures are so low here that I had to wear woollen socks. People in this part of world are not used to 20’C temperature for long time.

  2. Rare Snow Fall?


    This is totally normal, natural and expected………during an Ice Age…………………..

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