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  1. Something that has made me wonder, as I read all the pros and cons of “clean energy” production, is why there has been so little effort to educate the public to the fact that all of the expense and effort to product ethanol results in little or no net gain of usable energy. The energy value of all the fossil fuels burned to plant, grow, harvest, transport, and process crops into ethanol is essentially equal to the energy value of the ethanol produced. Much pain, no gain!

  2. well I can’t use this site anymore then. I’m certain there is plenty of snow and ice to talk about. Bye

    • An interesting position. Too bad you take it.

      The truth about alternative energy sources hurts, I suppose, if you bought into the solar panel meme. But if you think about it, solar panels may power your microwave while it is being used, but it won’t run your computer, your refrigerator, your A/C, or even your electric garbage disposal while doing so. For those you will require electric power delivered from a generator. Not even if you stored all the power you got from a 20 panel array in batteries, would it handle the load at night.

      Yes there is plenty of ice and snow to talk about, but when you are looking at even a mini ice age, there are too many things to consider that if not addressed will cause the unnecessary loss of only God knows how many lives. Those things NEED to brought up as well.

  3. That 97% keeps showing up in the climate area, and in this instance, it seems rather haunting.

  4. The cartoon is oversimplified. Hydro and nuclear produce a fair amount of the required energy, and should not be lumped in with the energy produced for “fossil fuels,” which probably aren’t produced from fossils in the first place.

    The amount of coal, alone, to say nothing of the amount of crude oil, would have required the world to be stacked 100s of miles deep in animal and plants for their decayed remains to have created these items, and it would have required the creation of all that dirt and rock that sits on top of it afterwards as well.

    Or was the debris left from the dead life magically transported deep into the earth, or was the earth magically lifted up and sat on the debris? I can accept peat as the formation process for peat, but then to transport that “bog” perhaps miles deep into the planet? It is easier to believe there is a self perpetuating process creating both IN PLACE then to believe that the surface of the planet is constantly overturning.

  5. Globalist money for Renewable Global Energy. It’s their money. They produce all they need to achieve their global agenda. It is their only device to control just about everything, and it works well.

  6. Is the 3% installed capacity or actual generated watt hours?

    That is the one question that renewable enthusiasts obfuscate.

    I believe all the figures quoted are installed capacity. Having a 50 MW wind turbine installed is meaningless when the wind doesn’t blow.

  7. That why we need hemp in all forms, free to farm and collect seeds.

    7600L per acre of ethanol and totally renewable.

    Leftovers are better food for shit we farm now, plus fibre for paper, cloth, houses etc.

    Wonder why we had prohibition, marijuana tax act, UN 1961 convention Galatians narcotics with marijuana included, when its not..

    25000 products were made from hemp, who would need an IMF loan.

    Yep so they can make profits their filthy muck fuel from the ground and sell us shitty chemicals.

    Oh yeh , as a distilled oil or juiced marijuana cures a lot of cancer’s and so many other diseases.

    need to wake up before they screw it up with GMO’s , a lot of ultra wealth are true arsehole’s. Go and look what their”philanthropy” took from you in medicene and education.

    Thye were not called robber”barons” for no reason.

    One said ” I want workers , not thinkers”.

    In state’s with hemp in the USA male suicide have dropped 10% as have road deaths.

    Start thinking and change the world very quickly.

    The stupid majority are the dopes when it comes to Cannabis in THC marijuana and non-THC hemp.

    • You’ve hit the nail on it’s head Thomas. Unfortunately, the powers that be,over the decades have been misinformed of the benefits of THC, & demonised same! One day,some humans
      may realise the potential,but I’m not holding my breath for a soon to be outcome,for the benefits to needy people.

    • 7600L per acre. or about 2008 gallons. And you plan to replace that “filthy muck fuel” from the ground with that kind of production? I guess you don’t intend to feed people, just the animals that can eat what’s left over from the hemp after you processed it for the ethanol. I am guessing you are as “green” as the solar panel people, since you definitely aren’t going to help the people in overpopulated and under powered regions to have a higher quality of life. I suppose, though, if you were growing 100 acres of hemp, you probably could salt in a few of its cousin and have a fine time buzzing around your farm. I got nothing against hemp – or its cousin – but you can’t supply the energy needs of a modern nation of 300 million with hemp and still feed them.

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