Is Tambora waking up?

9 Sep 11 – Indonesia’s Tambora volcano was raised to level 3 alert yesterday – the 3rd step on the emergency alert level that counts only four levels – after two days of continuous tremors.

Astronaut photo of Tambora Volcano's summit caldera acquired on 3 June 2009. Image credit NASA / Earth Observatory

The volcano had been raised to level 2 alert just eight days earlier after an increase in volcanic earthquakes.

“Seismic activity has continued to increase, particularly in the register of volcano-tectonic shocks linked to the phenomena of fracturing accompanying migration of fluids,” the Volcanological Survey of Indonesia (PVMBG) announced today.

“The matter is serious and deserves to be followed,” PVMBG added.

Tambora’s cataclysmic eruption in April of 1815 was the most powerful eruption in recorded history and lowered global temperatures by as much as 3 degrees °C.

A year after the eruption, most of the northern hemisphere experienced sharply cooler temperatures during the summer months.

In parts of Europe and in North America, 1816 was known as “the year without a summer.”

In June 1816, most of New England was gripped by a cold front with snow falling in Albany, New York, and Dennysville, Maine. The cold continued for at least three months. Snow 30 centimetres (12 in) deep accumulated near Quebec City from the 6th to the 10th of June 1816.

Crops failed and livestock died in much of the Northern Hemisphere, resulting in the worst famine of the 19th century.

The death toll was at least 71,000 people (the most deadly eruption in recorded history), of whom 11,000–12,000 were killed directly by the eruption. Most deaths from the eruption were from starvation and disease.

The explosion was heard on Sumatra island (more than 2,000 km (1,200 mi) away).
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“Will 2012 be the next without-summer year?” asks Emmanuel.

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20 thoughts on “Is Tambora waking up?”

  1. You people are desperate for an ice age, it’s comical reading your desperate situation, you’ve been predicting an ice age for the last few years, but all you’ve got is a couple of cold days, keep it up, it’s very entertaining.

    • funny man, you wont be saying that when your begging one of us for firewood because all the trees are buried in a snow pack and we had the foresight to stock up 😉

      its coming regardless of humans as robert says its a cycle, a cycle, a cycle. you cant refute the cyclical processes of time and weather its a simple fact

    • hmm? lower global ocean temps seas falling by Double what they had risen before in juust one? year so far.around 6mm it appears. 3 years of hard cold winters in the eu areas, and even sth Hem isnt as hot as weve got used to. the Warmist view had the aus govt, building pricey desal plants while ignoring the fact we need new dams to stop floods, and maintain free water when it falls.
      Most of us here I think are far more aware that COLD , means its harder to grow food, and cope with life generally.
      do we Want? ice? NO but the possibility IS high.

    • Also equally as comical that evidently you are reading the same material but that you are not included in the “you people.”

  2. “will 2012 be the next….”

    Not due to an eruption of Mount Tamborra.

    Tamborra already has had three known eruptions of a magnitude 0-2 after the big bang of 1815.

    Future eruptions will be of a similar magnitude.

    So don’t expect an 1815 magnitude eruption of Tamborra to happen in our life time. Geological research indicates that it will probably take a few thousand years before Mount Tamborra is going to produce bigger eruptive events.

    • Wikipedia is not a generally accepted body of literature that can be referenced; do you have any peer-reviewed information to back up your assertion?

      • Unfortunately a peer-review and $1.00 will buy you a coke. I don’t really put much stock in a peer-review after seeing how badly the process was abused when it came to climate change reports. All it means is that a like minded person reviewed your work. It does not mean the world is solid or credible.

        Anyone here remember the fake paper that was submitted for a tech conference or something along those lines? It was reviewed and approved. Just proves people don’t read the material or understand it before approving it.

  3. We’re certainly experiencing increased volcanic activity at a global scale. Solar activity is very low and seems to get even lower in the future. This combined with more active volcanoes and longterm cyclic variations of the Earths orbit could trigger a new ice age, I’m afraid.
    Thanks to Robert Felix for a great website.

  4. @ Mr Tippingpoint

    Too funny! Desperate? Not at all. Our earth’s natural climate has a documented history of cyclical changes. Our planet has cycled from warm periods to ice ages for eons. You can deny and ignore historical fact or join reasonable minds and become watchful and wary. Like clockwork, we will experience another ice age. In fact, we are over due for one. Who knows? Perhaps increased vulcanism is a “tipping point” that triggers the earth’s regular, timely, and cyclical ice ages.

    Ice ages are, after all, normal and natural occurances and one does not need “desperation” to tell you that….the science says so.

  5. No one is saying Ice age, what is being said is this decade is going to be one of more climatic extremes, increase geological activity, and a temperature decline.


    This is the correct theory out there to explain climatic change, and abrupt climatic change. It incorporates all the factors that control earth’s climate, and does not try to have a silver bullet ,like so many of the other theories have.

    The PHASE IN THEORY, includes these factors that will follow: Which also vary within themselves, as to the degree of magnitude they phase into a cold/warm mode,and the duration of time they phase into that mode. If the degree of MAGNITUDE is STRONG enough ,LONG enough ,certain THRESHOLDS may be reached,the result being an abrupt climatic change.






    AO/NAO/AAO atmospheric circulations




    All the above influncing cloud amounts,snow cover amounts and precipitation amounts.



    OCEAN HEAT CONTENT- causing a lag time in the temperature response to the items in the above phasing into a colder mode ,while the climatic extremes and increase geological activity respond much faster.

    If one goes back in time to say 1600AD, and plots all major volcanic/earthquake activity ,one will find that 85% of the major activity is associated with prolong solar minimum periods ,such as we have now, with active spurts of activity, within the prolong minimum. Past history shows this to be the case and the PHASE IN THEROY ,is largely based on past history and what happened in the past when the items mentioned in the above, phased in ,in a similar fashion.

    The conclusions again to be reached (based on this current phase in, of items that control earth’s climate)are temperatures will be going down,more geological activity will continue(2011 being a record year thus far)and greater climatic extremes will continue to happen.

    One last note is weak magnetic fields seem to be associated with a persistence in weather patterns and a slowing down of weather systems which gives the more extreme climate.

    -AO associated with prolong solar minimums is a meridional type circulation, as oppossed to a zonal atmospheric cicrculation, one of the KEYS for the climate going forward.

    • I might have taken your essay more seriously had you spelled some words properly. If you have a theory, you should spell it correctly for one.

      • Peter, I will forgive a few spelling mistakes, given that the poster’s name is Salvatore del Prete and English is possibly not his first language :^)

  6. I think that the prime factor for the volcanic and earthquake activity is the magnetic shift. Perhaps my logic is a bit simple but, if you have a molten core which is mostly iron and a shift of magnatic forces you will get a shift in the currents and bulges in the core – which will result in fracturing of the crust – and voila – volcanos & earthquakes.
    Could be wrong though – could just be a pissed off god or something.

    Also, the folks who watch this website are not hoping for an ice age – we are afraid one is coming. We are living at about the lowest temperature, globally, that large numbers of humans can survive. Especially with our numbers. If the growing seasons get too much shorter, there simply won’t be enough food. If, on the other hand, we are presented with even 10 degrees warmer, we will increase the food-growing range. This is why warming is less to be feared than cooling and why we worry about you “tipping point” people so much, all of our governments are spending billions on research for something that is generally survivable and nothing on research for a problem that WILL happen eventually that we cannot survive without a lot of preparation.

  7. Explosively eruptive volcanoes such as Tambora can re-erupt with the same power as 1815 time and time again. With all the magma moving to the surface and so many volcanoes erupting it doesn’t take a genius to know it will be spectacular if it blows this time.

  8. I agree with Ron. If there is a VEI7+ eruption coming it wont be in our lifetime and it wont be Tambora. Tambora is already a caldera with no imminent active residual dome.

    Indonesia has plenty of candidates for major eruptions and the next could be anyone of them.

    Just bear in mind that a large VEI5+ or VEI6 can play havoc with the worlds weather – particularly if the eruption is in the equatorial zone.

    Volcanism is not greatly on the increase. Internet reporting is. Seismological events ARE on the increase though. Two Mag 9 events in ten years is unusual.

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