Tanker carrying supplies to stranded Alaskan village stuck in thick ice

See outstanding photos.

“A Russian tanker carrying desperately-needed fuel supplies for the far northern Alaskan city of Nome keeps getting stuck in thick ice flows as it crosses the frigid Bering Sea in the dead of winter,” says this article in the Daily Mail.

A massive storm prevented the town of 3,500 from receiving its last delivery of supplies before it was socked in by the unspeakable winter cold.

See entire article and outstanding photos:
http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2083542/Tanker-carrying-supplies-stranded-Alaskan- village-gets-stuck-ice-flows-crosses-frigid-Bering-Sea.html

Thanks to Norm Smith in Hazelton, B.C. for this linkfor this link

“This area is the Alaskan side of the Northwest Passage,” says Norm. “It doesn’t look like it will be “ice-free” anytime soon. “

14 thoughts on “Tanker carrying supplies to stranded Alaskan village stuck in thick ice”

  1. no sorry the people must starve…after all those nasty boats use bunker fuel and may be damaging the ice the polar bears are so short of….sarc off:-)
    seriously it makes the no ice claims look pretty stupid.

  2. Thanks ES for the link. The coordinates given are for the research ship Healy which is currently making no headway. The Healy has about 125 nautical miles of Northing to do, and then a turn to the East to get to Nome assuming Nome is the destination.

    Could be they are running point for the Russian tanker. Glad I am in the tropics, and not there.

  3. when are they going to ban ice breakers ! they are doing more harm to the artic ice than any trumped up global warming !! its basic class room science take two ice cubes break one up and see which one melts first

  4. Interesting to see the progress of Healey. Looks like they there will be there by the 12th of January travelling about 45 miles per day.

  5. Actually the Daily mail is a very bad sensational paper. The first picture of the two boats says

    “Clearing the way: The Russian tanker Renda moves slowly through the cracked sea ice in a path made by the Coast Guard icebreaker the Healy.”

    In fact the Healy is approaching the Renda so that the boats are facing in opposite directions. 🙂

    Which you can realise by the uncracked ice ‘behind’ Healey’ and by reference to the other photos of Healey showing what the rear of the boat actually looks like. But by this first photo it appears Healey is freeing Renda rather than leading the way.

  6. Bill Hemmer just said on fox news that the tankers were going to sevice a town that had 18 feet of snow dumped on it. Really. Of course if true, everyone is missing the real news item. Can someone get this fact checked? Please? It was about 20 minutes ago.

    • Hi Karen, The tanker is headed for Nome. The town with 18 feet of snow is Cordova. I’ll post something on that later.

  7. According to this ice map the tanker and icebreaker are not going to have a problem getting to Nome but it evidently has not been plain sailing to get this far judging by the numerous course corrections and stoppages.


    They now appear to be changing course due to difficulties moving thru area Q and are going to try area V.

  8. The latest in this epic saga is that the boats cannot go fast enuf thru the ice to overcome the southwards drift of the ice! They are at times just going backwards 🙂 Yesterday they travelled 5-6 miles forwards to find by the end of the day they had gone backwards to where they started. So unless it gets a bit warmer they might have to give up and go back to where they came from. 🙂

  9. Overnight these boats have moved 60 miles south, gone past Nunivak Island and are probably now going to find it much easier going.


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