Temperature of Atlantic Ocean dances with sun and volcanoes

“A clear correlation can be seen.”

“Researchers at Aarhus University can now show that solar activity and the impact of volcanic eruptions have led this dance during the last two centuries, says this article in Science Daily.

“During the last approximately 250 years — since the period known as the Little Ice Age — a clear correlation can be seen where the external forces, i.e. the Sun’s energy cycle and the impact of volcanic eruptions, are accompanied by a corresponding temperature fluctuation with a time lag of about five years,” the researchers found.

“An interesting new theory among solar researchers and meteorologists is that the Sun can control climate variations via the very large variations in UV radiation, which are partly seen in connection with changes in sunspot activity during the Sun’s eleven-year cycle.”


Thanks to Marcus Muraca for this link

“The sun regulates more than we have been told,” says Marcus. “I believe this article adds proof to the statement.”

“Although the article doesn’t mention it, I feel the Sun has an effect on the Pacific oscillation and may influence El Nino and La Nina patterns as well. Meanwhile, there are 40 volcanoes erupting today, while 6 months ago, there were only 30. Does the Sun influence volcanoes as well?”

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  2. The research of Dr. Kongpop U-Yen explains some of the relationship between the sun and earth phenomenon, weather events, earthquakes, volcanoes etc. there is an electrical connection involved. see his video – http://youtu.be/y8EE0p9kx5o

    • I don’t know about the solar system cycle. Can you elaborate, please?

      (It looks like we survived the alignment of the planets that were popularized in the movie 2012 :/ )

      Also, aren’t there other sun cycles longer that the sun’s 11/22 year energy cycle? And isn’t there a tilt of the earth cycle, and an earth distance from the sun cycle?

      • Hey Jay,

        Exactly, none of our researchers have yet to explain the full dynamics of a solar system cycle. The science has so long been suppressed we are piecing together the why’s and whens of such events, i.e, what was the time of the last major solar shift(have a general time frame-nothing determinate), what happened to the electrical plasma, what were the exact alignment of the planets then(again have a general idea); odds are that man will never figure all the variables involved for such electrical disturbances. Go figure.
        We do know that the last eclipse of Venus was 10 minutes late(why-still being theorized), we know that late last year the moon over a period of 3 days shifted roughly 35deg. south of expected orientation, and then all planets shifted out of expected orbits in relation to the sun. Has been theorized that these events are linked to the electrical impulses contained and generated within the plasma fields connecting the universe.
        All variables at play are still not in mans grasp. However, the plasma theory in most aspects represent proper theories of why the events are happening after the events due to these electrical magnetic fluxuations.
        I believe until we can understand how the entire universe cycles passing through the plasma we will be in the dark. Furthermore I believe man will never in his carnal conscience be able to fully understand the dynamics of these events.
        Hope that helped a little?

        • Thanks Guy. Wow, there are so many space and solar variables! It just makes the AGW frauds insistence that C02 is all important even more ludicrous.

    • So it all falls into place, you say. Why not elaborate if it is that clear so the rest of us have some idea of this wonderful connection. Yes, I do believe in the Electric Universe and the Electric Sun, but no, I don’t believe it solves all “realities and mythologies,” so be my guest, and make your point as to how “it all falls into place.”

  3. It’s interesting to note that solar irradiance is referred to as a “constant” yet varies over time by at least 0.1%. The UV component is much more highly variable, too. A quick Wikipedia search of “solar variation”, “solar constant”, and “carbon-14” shows that a lot of so-called irrefutable evidence is based on big fudge factors to make calculations vs. time.

    Anyone who claims that CAGW is solely dependent upon GHG forcing as immutable “fact” is lying.

  4. I believe that it was this site, several months, or longer back that showed an artist rendition of the satellite view of the sun to earth magnetic field. We are in a weak state now, fewer lines coming toward the earth from the weakened sun, trying to start up from a reversal. After it restarts, the plasma from the sun should be funneled along those lines to the planets surrounding the sun. Here is the limb, that should reenforce the outer shell of the solar system, buffering out the “cosmic” rays, lowering the index heating the volcanoes on earth. They should slow down.
    But except for the “scientists” not counting the eruptions which they know heat the atmosphere in spots, or underwater which they gratefully ignore, they will take the blame off the cow farts and say human intervention caused it.

  5. What a great article! In it, the following observation is posed:
    “An interesting new theory among solar researchers and meteorologists is that the Sun can control climate variations via the very large variations in UV radiation, which are partly seen in connection with changes in sunspot activity during the Sun’s eleven-year cycle. UV radiation heats the stratosphere in particular via increased production of ozone, which can have an impact on wind systems and thereby indirectly on the global ocean currents as well,” says Associate Professor Knudsen. However, he emphasizes that researchers have not yet completely understood how a development in the stratosphere can affect the ocean currents on Earth.
    I would suggest that meandering Jet Streams, generating significant cyclones in the North Atlantic could churn up the upper layers of the ocean current, in the same way that Hurricanes pulls up colder water as the storm moves over the ocean off the US coast.
    Previously during cold winter events in Western Europe, 1947, 1963, 1985 and 2013 strong cold easterly air flows pushed the North Atlantic drift further out into the Atlantic reducing the warming effects of the drift.
    As the Solar minimum advances, particularly now that Sun’s Southern hemisphere has peaked, it possible that the Polar Jet Stream will move further south, generating an easterly flow more readily over the N Atlantic above 48 degrees latitude. This can extend as far as continental US during the Northern Hemisphere winter.

  6. We know that large volcanic eruptions can modify climate for years afterwards and evidence is growing that sustained low sun spot activity affects climate as well.

    My belief is that ice ages are triggered when we get a series of simultaneous or almost simultaneous volcanic eruptions around the world, especially in the tropics, coupled with a long period of low sun spot activity.

  7. Correalative science sucks but, given that, here is a correlation for you: in 2009, the year of the great REcession, the number of spotless days (thats the number sunspot watchers watch when there are *no* sunspots) broke all records going back to which year? 1929 the year of the great DEpression. So the sunspot cycles also correlate to human economic activity…
    I can imagine solar activity causing fluctuations in the the temperature and thereby causing fluctuations the volume of the earth’s core, expanding it and contracting, waxing and waning. All things in this world ebb and flow….good luck trying to stem the tides

  8. What? The sun, that enormous souce of heat, can have something to do with the climate and ocean temps, and so can valcanoes, even those pumping gazillions of gallons of hot gas and water and lava directly into the oceans at great depths? What a novel idea! Glad we’ve finally discovered all that!

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