Temperature has been decreasing as CO2 increased

Temperature has been decreasing as CO2 increased

Greenland ice cores tell the story.

If you look at this graph over the last 8,000 years or so, you will see that temperature has been decreasing as CO2 increased.


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4 thoughts on “Temperature has been decreasing as CO2 increased”

  1. TRUE Irony !

    My theory is because increases in CO2 lags global warming, but is always in high concentrations when ice ages begin, it is most likely CO2 drives iceages.

    High concentrations of CO2 brings on ice ages? And, because CO2 hangs around in the atmosphere a long time, ice ages always last longer than the warm ups periods.

    If I am correct, mankind’s needs to keep warm, grow and ship food in warmer regions, increase air flights as increasing snows and cold hamper land and sea travel will further increase CO2 levels which will cause global cooling to occur much faster than in previous transitions and make the cooling more severe and wide spread.

  2. The temperature scales must be wrong! A one degree difference
    on the left side is a 0.5 degree difference on the right side. Which is it?

    • Left is air temperature at the summit of the Greenland Ice Sheet and the right is Global Temperature. The global temperature changes at half the rate as does the Ice sheet.

  3. well waay back when hansen and strong n ehrlich first started their careers scaring people witless they used co causing cooling along with no oil gas food and the rest to earn their incomes doing tours and promos
    the Goracle took it to new heights ( LOWS)(must be the god complex he gained at divinity school even as a Fail student) lol

    they all just changed horses mid stride and converted to warming instead
    coming back to bite their bums 😉

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