Temperatures 10 to 40 degrees below average

Flirting with or breaking all-time record lows.

Low temperatures much of this week will plunge 10 to 40 degrees below late October averages from Billings, Montaa to Salt Lake City to Denver to Amarillo, TX.

Lows could hover above and below zero Fahrenheit (- 18C) in parts of the Rockies Wednesday and Thursday morning, while Denver could flirt with its all-time coldest October low of minus 2 degrees. Temperatures in the teens may reach south into the Texas Panhandle.

Colder-than-average temperatures will likely spread east of the Mississippi River late in the week, including parts of the South and Ohio Valley

On Oct. 27 , daily record lows of 8F (- 13.3C) and 14F (- 10C) respectively were set in Bozeman and Billings, Montana.


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5 thoughts on “Temperatures 10 to 40 degrees below average”

  1. We will have some 20’s this week for lows. Entirely not normal for Oklahoma this time of year. I ride motorcycles, and can usually ride through most of November, sometimes even early December. Not looking like that will be the case this year. Looking like I’ll put the two bikes down early this year.

  2. Yeah, it’s serious out there. When there’s green leaves and January-like before Halloween it tells a person something.

  3. We’ve predicted the future, they’re blaming climate change for cold winters.

    Snow in texas, and at the top of this article they have a video with this very same claim. https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/weather/2019/10/25/texas-weather-amarillo-hit-rare-october-thundersnow/2453521001/

    There may be some more snowfall in texas over the next couple of days.

    (This link is only relevant to the date this comment was posted) https://origin.wpc.ncep.noaa.gov/pwpf/wwd_accum_probs.php?ftype=probabilities&fpd=72&ptype=snow

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