Temperatures now lower than during most of the last 630 million years

This past weekend I attended the Perot Museum of Nature and Science in Dallas, and took a photo of this chart showing Average Global Temperature over the past 630 million years.

Average Global Temperature – Chart courtesy the Perot Museum of Nature and Science

As you can see, average global temperature is now lower – LOWER! – than during most of the last 630 million years.

When someone yells at you that humans are causing a climate emergency, hold onto your wallet.

I used to say it was a ‘hoax,’ but now I think its much more dangerous than that. As far as I’m concerned, the global warming zealots are perpetrating an outright fraud.


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  1. Does this graph depict the annual average temperature? If so, at 80 degrees, the planet must have been unlivable 50 million years ago. Also, where do the periods of glaciation fit into this?

    • The graph accompanying the article shows the Earth’s global mean temperature (GMT) in Fahrenheit, from 625 million years ago to the present. The GMT is currently about 58°F. The natural global warming period called the Eocene Optimum peaked at about 49 million years ago. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) states that during the Early Eocene the GMT was about 9 to 14°C (16 to 25°F) higher than today. So the GMT during the Early Eocene was about 74 to 83°F.

      During the Eocene Optimum, little to no ice was present on the Earth. Forests covered most of the Earth, including palm trees growing in Alaska. The warmer temperatures facilitated the intercontinental migration of animals. The Eocene was a boom time for plants and animals, and it would have been a boom time for humans, had they existed then. Yet the climate alarmists claim that a rise of the GMT of 2 or 3°C will cause a catastrophic mass extinction for life on Earth.

  2. Thanks for mentioning the fraud word Robert. Totally agree with you and it shows quite clearly who runs this world of ours. The entire issue of AGW as never about science as honest scientists have proven time and time again. Keep up your good work.

  3. Yes, it is absolutely a fraud. They have even stated that the purpose is to gain power over the economy. The Agenda 2030 and Paris Agreement even had a dollar amount. $200 billion PER YEAR to be paid to them. Nice vig if you can grift it….

  4. I don’t believe all the xtinction rebellion stuff, but someone explain how we know that temps have been like that for 600 million years ?
    What evidence is there for those temps ? How have people come to that conclusion ?
    I’m trying to learn what i can, so please help me understand.

    • Oh, they are very good at knowing what was like a few million of years ago and they are very, very, very good at telling how’s gonna be in the next few hundred years. But…they have no idea how the weather will be tomorrow. You see this is the difference between climate and weather.

    • The fossil fuels we are burning are simply dead plant matter from millions of years ago. During these climates, plant life was booming and so was animal life. This is how dinosaurs were able to grow so big. It takes a robust food chain to support animal life like that. But the biggest creatures also died off whenever catastrophe struck and climate changed forever (when it got colder).

    • There are one-celled creatures called foraminiferas which have lived in the oceans for about 550 million years. When they die they become buried in the ocean sediments. Recent sediments are of course soft but pressure and heat have hardened older sediments into sedimentary rocks. These strata have been analyzed with microscopes and these one-celled creatures indicate what the climate was like at the time they died since they are sensitive to temperature. There are thousands of varieties of foraminifera and some varieties need warm temperatures and others can tolerate cold temperatures. So paleontologists have been able to document a pretty clear picture of ancient climates.

      You will notice that paleontologists are NOT interviewed about “global warming”. No point in injecting a few facts into the debate.

  5. Fear is used to propel normal rational people is taking decisions they would normally run a mile from. Human Induced Climate Change is a fiction created to enhance group think, to enhance the fear of the unknown, and tribal hatred of people who are different to the accepted norm, and that norm is the benign weather which in the middle of the Medieval Solar Warm Period was a gift from God, and the extreme LIA weather which followed of heat, cold, drought, snow, ice, wind and rain, storm and tempest was a curse of the Devil.
    This religious process of divide and subjugation of the different, has been practised by witch doctors/religious priests since time immemorial. During the Maunder Grand Solar “wise” woman were murdered in their 10s thousands because of religious strictures to remove a powerful check against their own power base using human induced weather control as basis to prove witch craft and kill them with the most appalling brutality.
    What we think of as scientists are in fact religious priests protecting their scientific consensus of truth as they know it, and have been taught by their religious academic peers regardless of it being scientifically true or false.
    Western Science as we know it today stemmed from the Islamic Libraries captured during the 10th to the 15th Centuries and created the conditions for the European renaissance
    And yet, the Christian Church was the basis of science, it also protected its perceived consensus, even to the point of burning those who challenged its primacy.
    Even today, the same religious consensus, truth wars are carried out within science, e.g. flat earthers, plate tectonics, and now planetary science and the gravitational moderation of our UV variable star.
    An example of that religious consensus warfare can be seen in the debates regarding climate science on: https://wattsupwiththat.com
    But this graphic is interesting:
    It show the power of the Modern Solar Warm period from 1940 to the start of the Modern Grand Solar Minimum 2008 and the tepid Gleissberg period which will follow it, Given the data is lagging 9 years over time, the sea ice chart should exceed the 1950 levels over the next 100 yr. period.

  6. It’s a clear case of follow the money trail. … When What? .. 100 Trillion USD in Carbon Taxation are at stake – Lying Charlatans are to be expected to be right at the bottom of The Hoax. The Goal of this Modern Iteration of Globalism? By definition it’s of course the Control of the Entire Globe and all that is in it – including Humanity! ..

  7. its NOT and NEVER WAS about climate
    its about overthrowing governments in democracies and implementing socialist regime change via the eu
    and killing off well over 2/3 of the present populations

  8. If 25% of the population are committed believers in a given viewpoint, they can win over the majority to their point of view. (Search “tipping point”).

    I’m still not sure what happens when two opposing points each have 25%. Deadlock? All out war?

  9. It is doubtful that CO2 has any negative effect or will cause warming. There are many scientists, who are specialists, who do not agree with the basic premise of greenhouse gases. For instance, say you are a physicist who is an expert on radiation. Solar radiation reaching the planet surface goes down with air pollution say from jet aircraft.

    It was studied that surface temperatures went up in the United States for the 3 days following 911 when all aircraft were grounded. All that CO2 and H2O from burning all the Jet fuel was cooling the earth because it was blocking sunlight.

    NASA’s O=C=O satellite measured cooling of CO2 in the upper atmosphere – those molecules absorbed unidirectional sunlight then re-emitted photons in all directions and thus caused less sunlight going toward earth. These are just a few examples of many brought forth by specialists.

    The significance of the Average Global Temperature chart is that it took 50 million years to cool. The asteroid impact 66 million years ago or changes in orbital dynamics are the purported cause. Whatever the cause was, earth cooled and we ain’t going to change that.

    50 million years of cooling is a very long time and it is doubtful that trend can be so easily reversed. The worry about CO2, a trace gas, is a media induced cultural insanity because of the general worries of rapid population growth and environmental degradation. It was the stink of a paper mill and other concerns that was what the climate change zealots tapped to milk the public of monies.

    We are polluting the water and air with other chemicals but how can a trace gas make the earth warm again? People are worried and nervous about so many things, I would put the CO2 risk near the bottom of my worries. I worry about debt bubble collapse, exponential budget deficits, QE infinity that might lead to hyperinflation and internal societal revolution, but not CO2 levels.

    I worry that the religious crazies who could start WW3 in the middle east but I am not worried in the least about a slight change in the concentration of a trace life gas carbon dioxide that is greening the planet. CO2 at 410 ppm is very good and getting better. Really people, saying CO2 is a pollutant is insanity.

    CO2 levels are very low by geological standards and they were critically low at the tail end of the last couple of ice ages. CO2 was down below 200ppm and even down to 140 ppm and plants died. This could be the main reason for megafauna extinctions. CO2 was critically low and now recovering. All that CO2 that was sequestered during the carboniferous is now be released for life.

    If you study the chart, how many more millions of years will we be in the ice age? 10 million, 50 million? 100 million more years? Humans will be dead and gone as a specie before the ice age ends according to the chart.

  10. The instantaneous world humans live in these days makes it hard to educate that the physical shape of the land masses have changed several times. Land subsides, land rises, inland seas develop, rifts turn into major rivers and deltas. And as the land changes it impacts weather patterns and temperatures. And then, we have the effects of our star and planets that never seem to be considered.
    the goal is to treat the population as mushrooms, feed them from the manure pile and selectively provide sunlight.

  11. Recent events have given me a gut feeling that the drumbeats of World War 3 have started to echo across the globe.

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