Temporary Setback on Hydroxychloroquine Experiment

Yesterday I reported that I had “Just Started Taking Hydoxychloroquine Prophylactically.”

Well, I started the regimen last Thursday, and today (Wednesday) when I checked, my blood pressure had shot through the roof. (182 over 89).

I checked with my doctors and they theorized that this has to do with my body’s response to the hydoxychloroquine. However, it might have to do with the zinc instead. Or maybe both. (My body doesn’t always respond to chemicals in what is considered a ‘normal’ manner.)

The the doctors suggested that I go off both the hydoxychloroquine and the zinc for a week. Then add the hydoxychloroquine back into the mix and see what happens. If that seems to go okay, then add in just half of the recommended dose of zinc, and see what happens then. And then … well, that will be decided then.

So that’s what I have done. Will keep you updated.


Here’s what I wrote earlier:

With so much disinformation out there about Covid-19, how does one know what is true? I’ve therefore decided to become a human guinea pig, and have begun taking hydroxychloroquine as a preventive measure. I will keep you updated as to how it turns out.


(* See disclaimer below.)

I’ve Just Started Taking Hydoxychloroquine Prophylactically

Robert Felix

The idea of allowing myself to be vaccinated with an experimental mRNA vaccine that has not yet completed the testing stage really concerns me. And when I see hospitals essentially having to bribe their medical personnel to take the vaccine, I realize that I am not alone in this regard.

Perhaps I could have accessed hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) on my own, but since I’m posting this online, I decided to do it in a responsible manner.

I therefore talked to, and corresponded with, many people whom I trust in this matter. This includes several primary care physicians, physician’s assistants and nurses. Some of them have already been vaccinated, while others (more than you might believe) have decided to wait for more test results.

Anyway, I scheduled an in-person appointment with one of those doctors. After talking to me and checking me out physically, he sent a prescription for a month’s supply of HCQ to my pharmacy.

A month’s supply may sound like a lot, but it is actually only eight pills; two pills per week.

Because I have had elevated liver enzyme levels in the past, the doctor insisted that I go in for blood tests to establish a base level, and then repeat the same tests in 30 days. At that point, we will compare the results and decide whether it appears safe for me to continue the regimen.

And a regimen it is. The doctors (yes, there’s an ‘s’ on the end of that word) because several doctors suggested that I take the following supplements daily:

  • 50 mg of zinc (25 mg in the a.m., 25 mg in the p.m.)
  • 4,000 i.e.u. of vitamin D3
  • At least 2,000 mg of vitamin C (I’m  actually taking 4,000 mg/day)

Those supplements were no surprise, because I’d already been taking them anyway.

But this next one was a surprise.

  • The doctors (yes, again, several doctors) recommended that I add 250 mg per day of quercetin to the mix.

As I said earlier, I’ve already been taking the zinc, D3 and C for years, so the only addition was the quercetin.

I had never heard of quercetin before, and a couple of grocery stores I visited had never heard of it either. But I found it at a local pharmacy later that same day.

Quercetin is an herbal supplement, non-prescription, and once one knows what to look for, is easily found on the web.

What does quercetin do?

According to a National Institute of Health report that I just found, “quercetin (is) a flavonoid found in fruits and vegetables. (It) has unique biological properties that may improve mental/physical performance and reduce infection risk. These properties form the basis for potential benefits to overall health and disease resistance, including anti-carcinogenic, anti-inflammatory, antiviral, antioxidant, and (other) activities.”

Anti-carcinogenic, anti-inflammatory, antiviral and antioxidant. Not a bad combination.

And it appears to be safe. According to a different N.I.H. paper, “adverse effects following supplemental quercetin intake (up to 1000 mg daily) have been rarely reported and any such effects were mild in nature.”

According to the doctors, the above four herbal supplements could give me up to 75 percent of the protection that I’ll be getting from the hydroxychloroquine.

For me, this has been a no-brainer.

And if it turns out that I’m not a suitable candidate for HCQ, I’ll most likely continue taking the above cocktail of herbal supplements.

By the way, as near as I can tell, taking HCQ prophylactically will not prevent me from catching Covid-19, but quite possibly could render its effects much less pronounced.

Stay tuned: I’ll keep you updated as to how this all turns out.

* Disclaimer: I am not a doctor, nor do I have a medical background. I am therefore not suggesting that you do, or do not, begin taking hydroxychloroquine. That’s between you and your doctor.

However, A.C. Osborn just sent this link describing 195 studies touting HCQ: https://c19study.com/

# # #

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  1. taking a dose of HCQ is probably way too much to use as a preventative measure. You can probably get by with drinking 8oz of tonic water daily.

  2. That’s a mean systolic reading – especially if you are not >65 years of age. Do you know what the figure was pre HCQ/zinc?

      • That’s strange… HCQ is an ACE2 inhibitor, and the ACE2 enzyme is what upregulates blood pressure. So if anything, HCQ should cause a lower than normal blood pressure.

        It’s got to be the zinc.

      • although most will read this a be perplexed and in denial the truth may be an underling infection that is affected by hc, caused this reaction. In the world of cause and effect it is well established the hc prescribed and used billions of times is unlikely the cause of this effect, rather this effect is a reaction of an underlying infection to the hc. As with most side effects of the virus the causes are underling infection and corresponding susceptibility.

  3. Hydroxychloroquine has a long half-life in the body.
    You are not supposed to simply keep taking it. A more subtle approach is needed.

    The initial ‘loading’ dose is to be followed by much lower ‘maintenance’ doses. This is the approach for protection against Malaria, and also for Covid-19.

    It is used in large doses for certain auto-immune diseases. But that can have long term side effects.

  4. Take ‘balanced’ zinc copper supplements… not just zinc
    pumpkin seeds = zinc
    nuts and organ meats = copper
    brazil nuts = selenium

    Zinc and copper [over balance of either not good] are two trace minerals essential for important biochemical functions and necessary for maintaining health throughout life. Several national food surveys revealed marginally to moderately low contents of both nutrients in the typical American diet.

    eat food = organ meat, nuts, seeds

    You could sustain life indefinitely with sardines and onions and garlic.

    I eat at least one can of sardines w/ sliced garlic or onions everyday. At least a couple of Brazil nuts, 5 apricot pits for B-17 (you likely aren’t allowed to buy these in the states) and I have unlimited access to organic grassfed beef including organ meats, chicken and eggs. There is everything in an egg to make a fully functional feathered bably chicken in 21 days… everything from the beak to the butt… figure it out… same with sardines – eat food that is already guaranteed to be in balance to sustain or create life… eat food… citrus with your C and at least 7-10k IU D3 per day… or 50k on Wed. and Sat. – need sun to make cholesterol sulfate – sardines have colesterol, garlic and onions have sulfer but need sunlight on skin [not just UVB] to complete the reaction to make cholesterol sulfate.
    eat food
    don’t stay up all night surfing the net;)

    coke and pringles ain’t food

  5. also zero wheat
    most folks got terminal grain damage
    zero vegetable oils

    Weston Price Foundation

    oatmeal periodically is good
    bone broth, marrow

    boron and magnesium make bones… all the stuff that is good for growing bones – both essential for everything

    spring water

    Mg like in 90% dark chocolate – I eat at least half a 100 mg bar per day
    Mg – can’t read too much about Mg – another major deficiency along with D3 in most folks

  6. and lots of organic fats, butter, beef, coconut oil, egg yolks, cholesterol [highest cholesterol longest lived] … dump your doctors

    Weston Price Foundation

  7. hi Robert, personally ditch the HQ keep the zinc;-) and look at Ivermectin;-)
    I sent you some info from aus re a swag of options and some dose rates for Ivermectin last night aussie time

  8. You need to read “Why We Get Sick” by Benjamin Bikman, PhD Cellular Molecular biology (Prof. at BYU and location of his research lab). He’s a leading world-wide super expert of things inside the cells.

    Cliff notes: it’s all about the hormone insulin and how it works throughout the body from cardio to brain to just about everything. He presents actual science. Your immune system will improve dramatically. Lots of evidence those that die of Covid are severely insulin resistant.


  9. There are myriads of theories regarding hydroxychloroquine. Many scientists say there is no prophylactic treatment for covid-19 (Chinese virus).

  10. Guess you don`t read Jon Rappaport

    Robert. Next you will be trying the “vaccine”

    “just in case” ? Oh man………

  11. Thanks for being so up front about your reaction to this medicine.

    I’ve been taking the types of supplements you have been (although a lower dose of zinc, only 15 mg which I get in the calcium supplement I take) with exception of the quercetin which I just recently heard about and also have plans to start taking when I get some. I looked it up and it should be available in both Walmart & Target, or also online.

    I also use daily 600 mg of N-Acetyl L-Cysteine which is immune support that was recommended to me by a nutritionist. I get this from Vitacost, an online store that focuses on vitamins & minerals but also has some good foods hard to get elsewhere. In addition, I take 500 mg of Acetyl L-Carnitine and CBD tincture; both of these were recommended by my neurologist who I see for neuropathy and are intended to help control pain.

    For many decades Big Pharma has lobbied to push people away from using supplements… so it can be difficult to get accurate information on what to use. It helps if you can find a doctor to advise you who is sympathetic in supporting you in trying to keep the use of pharmaceuticals to a minimum rather one of the more common type who are pushing prescriptions all the time. I use this criteria to screen who I will use as a doctor, and FIRE anyone who is “pill pusher” crazy.

    I also am very cautious about surgery and avoid those “knife crazy” surgeons… the type who try to get you to remove body parts unnecessarily. Yes there are times when surgery is needed… I had 2nd carpal tunnel surgery done about 1.5 years ago and do not regret that as I was having horrible symptoms.

    However, when I was 35 I had some abnormal “between periods” vaginal bleeding and went to a gynecologist who told to me I needed a hysterectomy because I “MIGHT” have cancer! He also assumed (incorrectly) that I was so “old” I would not want to have other children. I said no… no surgery unless you find out IF I have cancer first. So I had a biopsy done and I found out it was NOT cancer, it was endometriosis. Surgery not needed.

    Sorry if some of you feel this is TMI, but personally I think it can be helpful to others if we share this type of information.

  12. That’s a bit of shock Robert.
    I sincerely hope you blood pressure returns to normal, my thoughts and prayers are with you.

  13. Any drug, I repeat, any drug is a POISON. Robert you should know better. The listed side effects ARE the actual effects.

    Hydroxychloroquine (plaquenil) is popular drug for Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) with strong effect on the eyes. No one has ever cured RA with plaquenil.

  14. Hi Robert! If you have a healthy immune system, there’s not much to worry about. If you will eat a healthy diet, get rest as needed, exercise for an hour a day, take supplements once you top 50 years, you’ll probably be ok. Ivermectin is also available in case of an infection with covid. But prophylaxis isn’t really necessary. Keeping your immune system healthy is always of value. Do that instead. PCR tests have yielded a bunch of false positives. Stop worrying so much. Avoid the experimental m-rna shot.

  15. Spock Logos Dialectic
    Spock’s Illogic: “The Needs of the Many Outweigh the Needs of the Few”
    In The Wrath of Khan (1982), Spock says, “Logic clearly dictates that the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.” Captain Kirk answers, “Or the one.”
    In logic, (a) there can be no divide between acting logically and acting human; and (b) as Ayn Rand discovered and explained, the needs of the individual are what give rise to the need and possibility of value judgments to begin with.

    With so much disinformation out there about Covid-19, how does one know what is true? I’ve therefore decided to become a human guinea pig…

    …temporary-setback… er… physics like Ice Ages are reliably repeatable phenomenon… maybe try taking some HCQ again [as a sacrificial human guinea pig] and see if it gives repeatable side effects to help contribute to the vast store of HCQ soft kill research. Your sacrifice may be long remembered [like for a nano-second on the geo-illogical record] and [may] be [much] appreciated. You may just go down in history as one of many brave wilfully self-sacrificing HCR research heroes [human guinea pigs] of our time.

  16. … besides what good is it to have an evil twin [and Ayn Rand fan – just think of the serious whup-ass Ayn would have done on you;)] if he doesn’t deliver some whip-ass evil to the non-evil twin… at least once, eh? Cheers

  17. I would stay away from hydroxychloroquine. There is no credible science backing the use of that drug in the treatment or prevention of Covid-19. it is riskier and far more experimental than the vaccines that have come out. I would caution against taking vaccine advice from anti-vaxxers and conspiracy theorists. Trust science. I am no fan of needles. I hate them actually. I’ve never had a flu shot, but I signed up for the Covid-19 vaccine. This is something you just don’t mess around with. I want to be able to travel again, and I suspect the vaccine will become the requirement for that. Imagine if we all ignored science and opted out of getting things like smallpox vaccines. Not good.

  18. Hi Robert,
    Instead of hydroxychloroquine try lactoferrin. It is an over the counter supplement around for years. Studies have shown it to be effective against covid. It is widely available and is much safer. I have been on it for about 8 months and so far it has served me well. In fact I started to feel better than I have for years at about 2 months taking lactoferrin.
    Here is one from the University of Michigan.
    The university of Michigan is preparing to study for prophylaxis.
    Here is a study from the University of Rome.
    Lactoferrin is a protein found in breast milk and cows milk. Give it a shot. I recommend it.
    Stay safe.

  19. Be careful with ivermectine, some drugs, like dexamethasone, can make it bypass ematoencephalic barrier and depress the central nervous system. Keep on with C and D vitamins.

  20. I was very happy to read all the comments about different things to eat or take to keep one’s immune system in tiptop shape.
    I am writing just to share that #1. I envy you getting your hands on hydroxychloroquine. I do not know where to get it here in the northeast.
    #2. I tried to take quercetrin – 2 times – both times got extremely dizzy.
    #3. I take zinc but only a few times a week as I think I had an advise gastric response.
    Everyone’s body is different! Thank you again to all the commenters. I will keep this page.

  21. I think the idea is as soon as you have symptoms start taking until you feel better. This treatment was evaluated back in 2005 as an effective treatment for corona virus. Big Pharma etc want to sell vaccines.

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