Temps far below normal across 30 states

Central states running 10 to 20 degrees below normal as far south as Texas.

See map

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  1. downunder we are also experiencing temps at least 10c lower than usual day and nights;-(
    not all but a lot of the nation.
    no sunspots for 22days straight has a bearing on it i reckon

  2. I am 79 and I have never experienced it so cold this time of year in the Seattle area. I want to go outside for a walk but fear it is too cold. I am not in good health now that I am no longer the manager of Lake Bronson Club

  3. Must be due to anthropomorphic global warming!!!!
    Er……..I mean……..uuuuuhhhhhh…… CLIMATE CHANGE!

  4. Until people realize that the SUN, oceans temps and configuration of the upper level winds are 100% responsible for the climate on earth, there always will be brainwashed persons who believe the humans are changing the climate.
    For the skeptics, the sun sends energy on earth in the amount equal to one year of human activities in JUST 1 Second.
    Furthermore, our sun is a variable star and the output flux of energy changes every second and if you include the 11 year cycles of minimum and maximum output, you will come to a conclusion that the human are innocently accused for the global warming.

  5. With global warming increasing, the jet stream is breaking down, leading to lower wind speeds at high altitude. This is making for a jet stream that meanders slowly and creates stalled weather systems. It also means that polar air is getting sucked down to lower latitudes while warmer air from the south is getting sucked up north. So we have an arctic that is warming up faster than more southerly latitudes and vice versa.

  6. Where’s global warming when you need it? 5 ice ages in the last 1billion years add up to LESS than half that time. Ergo – a warm world with ice-free poles is ‘normal.’

  7. One question: Should I leave my truck idling all day in order to help warm up my he planet? I’m worried that folks in places like England and Denmark might freeze to death.

  8. Intellicast’s map actually shows the below normal temps extending into Northern Mexico, even slightly South and West of Brownsville.

  9. Must be global warming. Temp goes up: warming. Temp goes down: warming. No snow: warming. Lots of snow: warming. No hurricanes: warming. Many hurricanes: warming. Few polar bears: warming. Overabundance of polar bears”: warming. Took a dump today: contributing to warming.

  10. OMG! Panic will set in because the loony liberal cry of global warming is in its death throws. It just proves the whole movement is nothing but a TOTAL scam advanced by people looking for their own financial gain. Poster boy #1 is Al ,Bull$hit Boy, Gore.

  11. Hey, this article appears on DRUDGE, today (11-09-2018) !!!

    That means “millions” will have to confront the concept of Global Cooling, HA !! (and confront some of us here !!!)

    So, for you new people here, start learning and start opening your eyes and you will be so happy you did. Welcome to the Adult club.

  12. as was predicted by dave murray. dave also said that we would have several shots at snow in November. we had about 1″ of snow last night.

  13. The atmosphere is composed of 78% Nitrogen, 21% Oxygen, 0.9% Argon and 0.03% CO2. That means that there are only 300 CO2 molecules out of a million. For CO2 to be a threatening greenhouse gas it has to adsorb thousands of times more energy from the sun than the Nitrogen and Oxygen that out number CO2 by 3,333:1. This is thermodynamically impossible. SO it does not matter if CO2 levels increase because they will still be at such a low percentage of the gases in the atmosphere to make any increase in temperature possible. Just visualize this as if the gasses are marbles in a huge jar. 780,000 Green for Nitrogen, 210,000 blue for Oxygen, 10,000 Black for Argon, and 300 nasty red ones for CO2. Look at that jar and tell me how many red marbles you see mixed among the million others. That is what the Sun sees when it shines on the Earth. CO2 is no threat at all. Please use your brains and don’t fall for myths.

  14. Perhaps the current solar radiation and other geoengineering activities are a bit too much for our environment. It’s a shame that the public is so ignorant on these subjects that an intelligent conversation can’t be done.


  15. This was predicted a year ago because of the lack of sun storms calling for cooler temps on earth . The sun is entering a 15 year cycle of cooler temps on earth .

  16. Wow. Big surprise. As if anyone with an IQ didn’t already know that co2 isn’t driving the climate. It is all agenda driven. Look up what Jordan Peterson said about this issue, he nailed it. Too many variables to possibly nail down. What are we supposed to do? Shut off everyone’s heat? Take away all the vehicles? Starve half the population of the planet? It is all so stupid…………

  17. We just traveled from Moscow to St. Petersburg Russia. OMG There are so many trees in Russia I bet a squirrel can travel thousands of miles without touching the ground. Birch, Maple, Spruce Cherry and more. OMG it was October and the leaves had just turned. This is about a month late due to the warmth. The Russians we met were ecstatic! Warm is good. Cold is bad. Remember when in Lawerence of Arabia, the Prince said ” no one likes the desert, we like warm, water and green.” So why the global warming fear. From what I saw, I think warm is better. Who wants to freeze anyway?

  18. Uh oh…trouble for the Warmers! LOL! Nah…when it flies in the face of Global Warming dogma it’s only “weather.” If it gibes, THEN it’s “climate.”

    • Actually, for the benefit of the Global Warming Religion, the HEADLINE should be:,


  19. Nah when it cools its just “climate change”. They ditched the global WARMING routine awhile ago. Now its just “change”

  20. I’m 61 years old.
    I’ve lived in Ct my whole life.
    I’ve worked outside, all of my adult life.
    It’s never been this cold.

  21. Climate warming theory states more colder events too but heat events occur with greater frequency. This is common knowledge and you don’t have it yet you have the confidence to mock it. Nice adulting.

  22. To JohnD Dendy. You need to lighten up. Robert’s site is the best there is on the Internet, and he is targeted like Alex Jones! He has brought you MASSIVE amounts of info, and he has done a lot of work for your benefit. He moderates ALL comments, as well he should! If you are uncomfortable with this arrangement; then call a Democrat, and complain to Moveon.org, or tweet your brains out or post your complaints on Facebook,or Al Gore’s donation page; but leave our counsel, please! We do not need your attitude here!

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