Temps far, far below normal across almost the entire territory of European Russia

We’re talking about record-breaking cold across an area almost half as big as the entire contiguous United States.

2 Aug 2019 – In a number of points in the north-east of the territory, the temperature dropped to record lows. In the capital of the Komi Republic, in Syktyvkar, it dropped to 2.7 degrees, which is 0.3 degrees lower than the previous record held since 1944.

Not only in the northern areas, the temperature also dropped to critical levels. In Voronezh the thermometers showed +7 degrees, leaving behind the previous record of +7.1 degrees in 1971.

Further south, in Saratov, the minimum temperature on the first day of August was 9.6, beating the previous record of 10.4 degrees set in 1948.

The cold also hit Azov. In Tsimlyansk, Rostov Region, on August 1 the temperature fell to 13.3 degrees. The previous record, 13.6, was noted in 1975.

On the first day of August, the average temperature across almost the entire territory of European Russia was 4-6 degrees below normal, and in the Volga region it did not reach the average long-term values ​​of 8 degrees.

Cold weather throughout the territory from the White to the Black Sea will continue for at least another week.

European Russia covers nearly 4,000,000 km2 (1,500,000 sq mi).
Together, the 48 contiguous states and Washington, D.C. occupy a combined area of 8,080,464.3 km2 (3,119,884.69 sq miles).


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    • Way? Darwin called it Natural Selection. People have to learn to think for themselves. No more baby sitting. I stupid less is an extra loaf of bread.

  1. Northern Weather travels Easterly

    SIBERIA .. Land of Frozen Mammoths …

    … And when SIBERIA sneezes.. N. America catches a Cold…

    … and then the EU ..

  2. one of their main within Russia use crops is Buckwheat the cold will slow it down but it will survive as long as it doesnt go frosty or snow while its in flower/seedhead stages. I would think theyve got well adapted winter wheat already set , but harvest might be delayed
    mainstream will NOT report on this at all
    between showing up the global heat meme for the crap it is- and Russia bashing being such a hobby for many “new mc carthyites” its just not going to get coverage
    the huge swathe of land mass with sensors proving LOW temps…will somehow magically NOT manage to upset their tailored UHI affected “averages”

  3. But by the miracle of gridding we can use just one temperature station showing warming to cover this whole area.

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