Low temps in Peru – Death toll rises to 31

“In the region of Puno, province of San Roman, Peru, due to low temperatures there are 56.312 cases reported for Acute Respirotary Infections (ARI) and 886 for pneumonia,” says reader Argiris Diamantis in the Netherlands. “Death toll has risen to 31, amongst them dozens of children.”

A headline on June 21 announced that 24 children under five had died from the cold wave.

“About 30 people, including 24 children under five, have died during the cold snap that is registered this season in Puno,” said the article.

Now the death toll has risen to 31.

So much for global warming.




Thanks to Argiris Diamantis for these links

“The MSM do not report these incidents,” says Argiris, “so it is good there is Iceagenow.”

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  1. Hi to all of you!
    As a person familiar with the climate of the Peruvian Andes I wish to admit that the posted information about infant death in Peru is misleading.
    It happens every year during winter months that a number of mostly very young children die due to the cold weather, however this occurs only because there is NO HEATING in the huts in the High Andes villages where these people live.
    The temperature at those elevations above 12000 feet falls below freezing 1-2 hours after the sunset but rises again fast after the sunrise.
    The deaths of infants happens because of untreated respiratory illnesses and NOT because of freezing. This situation occurs every year and the knowledge of it occupies the headlines only because of better reporting!
    I personally think that far more ominous are more and more frequent and more and more widespread periods of cold waves in the Amazon Jungle hitting not only Peru and Bolivia but also parts of Brazil, Ecuador and even Colombia.
    The sixth cold wave this year in the Amazon just ended few days ago predicted and reported by Senamhi, the meteorological agency of Peru.

    • thank you for the info. you would think they would have figured out fireplaces by now?
      even if they have to use dung.alpaca pellets etc. shouldnt be a shortfall of dry grasses canes and other stuff to be used surely?

      • Laurel,
        Please be more compassionate and realise that there may be cultural and economic reasons why they can’t carry out the otherwise’bleedin obvious). Even today in so called modern democratic Scotland, tenants on an estate may be prevented by the landowner from picking up windblow timber scraps.

    • Well said, Roman. Here in Scotland the mortality of old people increases very markedly in the winter, whereas in our near neighbours in Denmark and Norway it increases very much less. Coastal Norway has a climate very similar to much of Scotland and the differences are due to the very much poorer standard of house quality in Scotland, not the climate.

      • having said that it increases the need for improved housing quality even more, if we are going to face the challenge of a new LIA.

        • Of course taxing the hell out of electricity and other energy sources is reall going to help overcome winter related deaths – except that it serves the real agenda of the warmist elite – genocide of the poor, elderly etc -while they sip chardonay and complain about the lack of moral fortitude displayed by all but the religious zealots of the church of global warming.

  2. Again with the irony, you can’t make this stuff up.

    From THE TIMES OF INDIA. I didn’t mix these up, this is the order the paragraph-long stories were presented in.

    You are here:Home» Topics» cold wave hit crops

    Cold Wave Hit Crops

    Global Warming’s Terrifying New Math:

    “If the pictures of those towering wildfires in Colorado haven’t convinced you, or the size of your AC bill this summer, here are some hard numbers about climate change: June broke or tied 3,215 high-temperature records across the United States. That follows…” (more weather, billed as climate)

    (Next story)
    “Crop damage due to cold wave now eligible for relief MSN India
    New Delhi: Crops damaged by the cold wave and frost would now be eligible for Central and state assistance following the government’s decision to consider such weather conditions as natural calamities Currently, only cyclones, drought, earthquakes, fire…”

    Heat waves in summer are Global Warming (apparently India hasn’t switched to CC terminology yet) but cold waves that damage crops are a “natural disaster”.


  3. Roman I believe that this article goes to serve the idea that instead of warming, the Andes is experiencing cold…like it always does.

    In fact a better article would be a comparison of the altitudes of these deaths compared to the average, if more folks are dying at lower altitudes it would indicate a stronger cooling effect then normal for instance!

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