Temps to plunge below 15F in Deep South

“Several days of unusually cold weather could be deadly for the Deep South,” reads The Washington Post headline. 

Temperatures could drop below 15°F (-9.4°C) in parts of Louisiana and Mississippi during the first few days of 2018, the Post warned, and freezing rain and a wintry mix were possible through the weekend.

With temperatures in the teens predicted across the region tonight, frozen pipes and dead car batteries were concerns from Louisiana to Georgia.


7 thoughts on “Temps to plunge below 15F in Deep South”

  1. And next year it’ll be cold further south. Those currently experiencing temperatures in the minus categories will have even lower temperatures. By 2030 the northern hemisphere will be in serious trouble, energy problems, food shortages? I wonder what’s happening in the Southern Hemisphere?
    Media reports are scarce (truthful ones that is) when it comes to “cold snaps”. Trouble is heat waves are not that dangerous but they keep ignoring the “elephant in the room”!
    I wonder when the first ice fair will be held on the Thames?

  2. I’m in the northern part of the South (SE Virginia) and it sure has been cold and very here too. The past few days in high teens to mid-20s (F) at most and expected to get colder.

    The real problem is they don’t build houses to deal with that much… insulation not good enough for freezing. The heating systems are not good for it either (heat pump, currently set to 75F and it says its about 70 in the house but it feels much colder. My nose it cold!

    Then a lot of people here don’t have warm coats or even warm sweaters. Not usually available in the stores either.

    I imagine the further South you go the worse those situations are.

    I am lucky that several years ago my son and his family (who live in New Hampshire, where they get very cold and snowy winters) sent me a couple of warm fleece nightgowns… which I[m wearing now. And I recently bought a heavy weight comforter online from Wisconsin, very nice.

    I feel bad for anyone living here, or further south, who has no idea what to do to keep warm. And are too stubborn to ask anyone from the North (being as how a lot of people here are still fighting the Civil War, lol!)

  3. My mother in law froze to death in 10mins, on the porch. The peace and quiet is wonderful here in Minneapolis.

  4. My dream of snow to the gulf of Mexico might come true after all.
    Snow in the air and on the ground and the gulf a cold black look reminiscent of the Salish sea during the winter. If this happens global warmers will need a place to hide.

  5. Don’t worry about the “warmers”. A few days of this kind of cold will do wonders for them; make them rethink the wishing of sandals and shorts in January ideas. However, this kind of cold does kill in short order (@Achitect I hope you are pulling our legs). The population that will suffer immediately will be the ones that have no shelter or adequate outer layers. Also the ones that cant pay for the energy to boost the temp in their abode.
    Be kind check on your elderly neighbors folks.

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