Ten million now in the crosshairs

Earlier I warned that one to three million people could be affected by Hurricane Florence. That number has now risen to ten million.

The monster storm presents the potential for “catastrophic inland flooding,” says msn.com.

“Don’t play games with it. It’s a big one,” warns President Donald Trump.



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  1. reading that report shes already dropped to 2 which is good
    reading thet page further i saw the guy staying on his boat in a marina…reckon that;ll be “interesting” to say the least

    • The problem is that hurricanes/cyclones that rapidly decline in power tend to cause major flooding.

      Brisbane 1974 flood – “These torrential rains were caused by Wanda, a relatively weak tropical cyclone which did not even rate as a category 1 cyclone.”

      • In the hills surrounding Brisbane 52 inches of rain fell in less than 36 hours in the January 1974 flood and this from a weak tropical cyclone of less than category 1.

        Brisbane had some major flooding in 2011 but the rainfall totals recorded were a fraction of the 1974 event.

        Compare this to the exaggerated hype we’ll almost certainly hear over the coming days about this being the worst on record and caused by climate change.

        That said I hope it really fizzles into a non event – people shouldn’t hope for misery for others to advance their petty beliefs.

        • nullschool has the tpw listed at 70+kg per met2
          going to be damned wet if it dumps slowly n doesnt move on.
          newguinea rainfall style.
          herald sun already running an item stating agw co2 to blame

  2. The AGW crowd is already claiming that any hurricane is caused by too much CO2. But storms, tropical or extratropical, summer or winter, are the transfer of heat from warmer water to colder air. If the atmosphere is cooling and the ocean is warming, we have the recipe for more storms. The record of sea bottom cores shows warmer water during ice ages. Seabed vulcanism would increase as the continents are compressed by the weight of ice, and the seabed is pushed up, like a balloon.

  3. Over recent years we have seen the ferocity of tropical storms barrelling into the eastern seaboard of America substantially increase as a result of the recent warm period. Hear in the UK we have also seen fears storms yet nothing compared to the United States.

    Now that storm Florence approaches the global warming environmentalists will latch onto it siting it as yet another sign that we’re doomed, that if we don’t tax the impoverished man in the street throwing us back into the dark ages we will go to hell in a hand basket.

    That’s as may be but here’s a question…. Were storms centuries ago any less fierce than they are today? Probably not. Were the communities affected by them better equipped to deal with the aftermath than we are today? No!

    The fact of the matter is nothing has changed were the storms are concerned. It’s the communities which have changed. Now it doesn’t matter where the storm makes landfall people will have to deal with the aftermath. The difference is centuries ago these storms may have made landfall and affected no one or the odd community along the way. If it did affect anyone those it affected may have lost everything as folk do today however they picked themselves up, brushed themselves down and got on with it helping each other were possible. Things were difficult to start with and these storms just had to be dealt with. People were more attuned to their sixth sense however, do to our physical environment and social programming although we still have this sixth sense we ignore it. Furthermore, due to media hype we are no longer sure of an impending danger or whether it’s just media hype and either over react or become complacent and leave everything to the last minute by which time it’s too late.

    Due to areas being sparsely populated the impact on communities was greatly reduced then than now. Whereas if the unthinkable did occur communities would rally round the worst affect, should a whole community be affected neighbouring ones would assist however nowadays this is not always possible.

    Although this still happens as a result of areas being densely populated greater numbers are affected overwhelming those attempting to assist. This is further exacerbated by society’s reliance on basic social amenities such as water, sewage, electricity, gas, refuse collection and telecommunications not forgetting infrastructure such as road and rail services. Where centuries previously people worked the land and daily living was an expected struggle we have become reliant on facilities being supplied to us within the comfort of our own home. If even just one of the aforementioned services fail within our home we struggle, nowadays several communities being without these facilities is catastrophic.

    We see on these fly on the wall documentaries of communities preparing for terrorist attacks or zombie apocalypses by arming themselves to the back teeth where we should be preparing for the wrath of mother nature. Environmentalists would have you believe we are hurtling toward a global meltdown however, although it may not be an ice age believe me even a slight drop in global temperatures mean difficult times ahead.

    • biggest difference now is?
      what seems like increasing numbers of people who dont giveba rats, looting properties.
      which leads to many not wanting to evacuate, with reason if theyr’e poor or uninsured especially.

  4. Florence has weakened considerably overnight. It now looks like a very run of the mill hurricane in terms of wind and at landfall, it should not be as strong as Fran in 1996 or Hugo in 1989. Nowhere near as strong as Hazel in 1954,

    Of course, inland flooding could still be a major problem, given the slow movement.

  5. So much hype…..
    My prediction is that this hurricane will essentially be a non-event or at least nowhere as bad as “professionals” are leading us to believe.

  6. This system has really weakened before it even reached Wilmington. Strongest I’ve seen was sustained 75 gusts to 90 or so around there and we’ve had nothing here all day in Charleston. This was far from bring a cat 4.
    We had hurricane watches down to CHS but that was a huge exaggeration! It’s about to get downgraded to a tropical storm shortly. All that and they closed the airport here for 3 days? We had nothing more but breezes here from 15 to 35mph! Sounds like a very paranoid society these days!! Since when is a 35mph wind deadly when I walk around the neighborhood??
    I was here in 1985 and I never remember shutting down everything when a storm made landfall 200 miles away from here!!
    This is lunacy!
    Plus I remember going to Trident Tech College in 1985 when Kate came thru here. We had sustained winds of about 50mph with higher gusts with pouring rains and we ALL had to come to class. They didn’t cancel school back then just because of “inconvenient weather.”
    Today USA has turned into a nation of cowards using the “safety” factor to destroy our freedoms and stopping our progress. I have no idea when that all started.

    • The cat 4 and 5 forecast bunch were hype no doubt but the flooding slow movement of this system has very much so varfied and have to agree with Joe bastardi that because of its slow movement and prolong rains it could well be there worse storm impact wise even those it was only a cat 1 at landfall which would be an amazing stat since they had much stronger storms in the past.

      • This would futher Roberts argurement of bigger rain storms as part of the ice age cycle and that these exstreams arnt from human caused climate but is a naturel cause of force.

    • i agree with the point your making but unfortunately hype sellls and the more plubic that bys into it the bigger the media sell becomes.we have to look beowed the media sell and hype and realize it was still a major event for the combo of the prolong strong wind and rains flooding which is something that is rare for a hurricane this far north to just slow and stop.

  7. Fortunately for me (and the rest of us in Hampton Roads, VA), the hurricane turned out to be a “dud” – not so for NC, we all feel for them! But here? … the anticipated horror storm (for which thousands did mandatory evacuation) did not ever happen, as the storm changed direction. We did not get so much as a strong breeze or heavy rain, although they keep saying that will happen and that we may get coastal flooding. I’ll believe it when I see it tho… even low lying areas (like parts of Rescue VA) that often flood had only minor impacts, not different from a moderate storm.

    This has caused multiple people locally to comment on just how badly the weather people are at predicting things… not to mention if they cannot get even a basic bad storm right… how would they ever get a small increase in “climate change” right 100 years from now, like they claim?

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