Tennessee to North Carolina road closed due to ice and snow

On May 5th!

US Hwy 441 (Newfound Gap Road) from Gatlinburg, TN to Cherokee, NC is temporarily closed due to ice and snow.

Thanks to Mom2Kids for this info

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  1. Those idiots (Viner and Gore) who predicted that we’ll never see snow again in winter by now must feel like total retards and fools the world over. Mind you, this is May in North Carolina!
    This is how ice ages begin!

  2. Not totally surprised given what I’m seeing out my way (southeastern VA)… no elevation where I am but we’ve had rain for about 2 weeks straight and yesterday one of the local meterologists mentioned we have averaged about 25 degrees (F) lower than the norms for this time of year. I still have my flannel sheets on the bed and have to put the heat on a bit at night.

    • I should also mention the roads out that way are very steep. I like driving through the Pisgah National Forest, from outside Henderson NC to the Gatlinburg area and that road I use is closed in winter normally due to how steep it is. One place there is a hairpin turn that is almost 360 degrees, and no guardrails that I recall.

  3. It’s just a celebration of the Bicentennial of 1816,”The Year Without A Summer.”

  4. Wunderground.com is lying.

    A week or so ago, I happened to be awake at 2am, in North Florida. They said the temp was 55 degrees. But later when I looked up what they recorded for the minimum that night, they said 59. This is crazy in mid May.

    In the forecast they make it look as though it will be cold for JUST ONE more night, and then go normal – but when a day has gone past it is still JUST ONE MORE night – the forecasts are totally wrong.

    • I agree. I have noticed that Wunderground.com tends to round up, and fails to report just how cold gets at night.

      Temps frequently are below what is forecast. There are times when I’ve shivered in the upper 60s… and no one that day believed the temp was that high.

      Some of the new thermometers in stores are digital and are linked to the local weather station… no thanks… I stick with the old style so it can’t be manipulated.

  5. Regarding the road closure between TN & NC. I looked up the average temps for April 73hi/53lo, May 81/62. Same for both States. http://www.usclimatedata.com/climate/tennessee/united-states/3212 useful link.
    However frost dates tell another story. http://www.webgrower.com/regional/frost-pdf/NC.pdf
    Gatlinburg, TN 50% chance of frost til May 6, 10% til May 24.
    Cherokee, NC (I had to substitute Waynesville cuz Cherokee’s on the reservation, so not listed.) 50% til May 20, 10% til June 6. The links are useful to try to put things in context.

  6. Talk about the extremes brought about by a meridional flow (dominant during low solar activity) Western Canada is in the 90s!!! Winnipeg recently smashed its daily record on Thursday I believe by 18F!!! Where I’m at in International Falls Minnesota last two days been near 90 that’s typically a summer’s worth up here to put it into perspective… Average highs in July is just 75F…nothing nationwide has been typical….hell continent wide

    • They stopped the aerosols here in Central Coast CA May 4, and the normal clouds came back but we had less than 1/2 inch of rain so the full blue of the sky hasn’t returned. Still a bit of haze.
      I mention this cuz I wonder if they’ve stopped it elsewhere & if it may not be a factor in warming. It’s certainly taken the chill out of the air here.

    • Kingbum, please. Solar meridional flow did not cause the transient heat wave in Southern Manitoba and International Falls. Just the usual high pressure area. Solar activity affects climate, but is unlikely to affect weather.

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