Texas children see snow for first time ever

This article, entitled “Snow in Texas Is ‘Pretty Cool’ for Children Seeing It for the First Time,” was published on Dec 8, 2017, but I missed it.

Until that day, many children in Corpus Christi, Texas, knew snow only as something experienced by others. That all changed when the storm dumped as much as five inches in parts of the city.

The same storm also brought snow to Alabama, Louisiana and Mississippi and knocked out electricity to more than 40,000 customers in Alabama.


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8 thoughts on “Texas children see snow for first time ever”

  1. Someone (Al Gore) tell us our children will never know what snow is. I think something do not go as he planned…

  2. curious as to when the last time snow fell there…
    1800s from books ive read seem to imply texas got snow then
    could be fiction more than fact..dunno

  3. AGW alert! I thought our childeren would not see snow in their lifetimes? LOL maybe if they stay indoors with the blinds closed……

  4. I am always amazed by stories like this.

    According to Google Earth Corpus Christi is about 27.75°North and adjacent to the Gulf.

    The southern suburbs of Brisbane are about 27.75°S and similarly close to the Pacific.

    My father once told me that snow had been recorded in Brisbane when he was a teenager which meant in the 1930’s and apparently 1882 and 1927 saw a dusting of snow – hard to find any records though.

    One has to travel much further from the equator and climb up into the dividing range to observe occasional snow in Australia.

    Sydney at 33° South has only recorded snow close to sea level more than 150 years ago and Melbourne at 38° South has had snow only a few times – strangely 2005 saw the largest fall since 1951.

    Even Hobart at 43° South rarely has snow.

    The southern hemisphere is totally different to the northern and just shows how dim witted the concept of a global average temperature really is.

    • Sorry, Dr David Viner can’t come to the phone right now. He’s stuck in a snow drift with 60 school kids in Derbyshire. 😉

  5. Hi Rosco I live in BNE too and that is very interesting

    Not a place I would EVER, EVER expect to see snow, but there you go.

    Anything can happen.

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