Texas shatters record for winter electricity use

Multiple records set as temperatures plunge statewide.

“17 Jan 2018 – Bitter cold across Texas brought a new winter record for peak electricity use, ERCOT, the state’s independent electric grid operator announced Wednesday morning.”

At one point, Texans were using 65,731 megawatts, blowing past the previous record by nearly 5 percent.

Overnight, temperature in the Dallas area dropped to 13F (-10.6C), well below the average low of 34F (1.1C).


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5 thoughts on “Texas shatters record for winter electricity use

  1. We need to do what the Chinese are doing, and what India is doing as well:

    Build 1 Coal Fired Electrical plant per week.

  2. When will the “watermelons” realize that wind and solar cannot support demand when the weather becomes brutally cold or unbearably hot?
    What I fear was summarized in a recent Texas Energy Reliability Council report. To paraphrase – solar and wind are “stealing” (my description) maintenance funds from traditional power generation sources and those sources may not be able to meet future demands under peak conditions.
    I can handle heat but I don’t wish to freeze to death. Bring on global warming!

  3. With the famed renewables counting for less than 5% and the lions share of that generation comming from Carbon based energy production.
    Renewable do have a part to play in replacing a barrel of oil during the Summer lighter load levels, but they are NOT base load, and can never be untill very expensive storage technolgy is out in place.
    Texas has loads of Gas as does the US start with those. But replace the existing coal plant with new build which are cleaner and more efficent.

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